Disabled Facilities at Falls Creek

General Advice

During winter the majority of the resort is snowbound. Snow cover can vary extensively from day to day and area to area due to snowfall, snow clearing operations and snow melt. Many areas can also be subject to icy surfaces.

Those with limited accessibility, ie confined to wheelchair, may find independent accessibility problematic and a companion for assistance may be required. You are encouraged to talk directly to accommodation and service providers prior to your trip to Falls Creek to discuss any particular needs relating to your disability.

Travel Considerations

General information on travelling to Falls Creek can be found here.

Accessible Toilets en Route

Myrtleford - on the Great Alpine Road, right hand side in the centre of town.

Mount Beauty – within the Visitor Information Centre (open 7 days from 9am-5pm) located on the Kiewa Valley Hwy into town on the left hand side; within the main shopping area between the main supermarket/bakery building and the Community Centre, turn left at the roundabout and then right into either Hollond Street (one way) or Kiewa Cresent.

Wheelchair Accessible Transport

There are currently no providers of regular transport to Falls Creek with dedicated wheelchair accessible vehicles that are routinely scheduled. Contact transport providers directly to discuss your needs.

Driving – Wheel Chains

All vehicles driving to Falls Creek in winter are required to carry wheel chains beyond Bogong Village. Mount Beauty is the last location where wheel chains are available for hire. There is not a chain fitting service operating on the Falls Creek road, the driver (or passenger) of the vehicle must be capable of fitting chains to the vehicle where directed.

Car Parking

All vehicles entering and remaining within the Falls Creek Alpine Resort require a valid entry permit affixed to their vehicle. The cheapest and easiest method of purchase is online prior to arrival Resort Entry permits are also available for purchase at selected ski hire outlets in Mount Beauty, at the Ticket Box located at the Howman’s Gap Resort Entry or at the ATS Terminal and Resort Management Office within the resort.

All vehicles must adhere to parking restrictions so it is best to be aware of these.

Disabled Car Parks (Day Parking)

There is a designated Disabled Car Space at the start of Slalom Street outside the Resort Management building and another at the front of this building outside the Police Station. If these parking spaces are already occupied, vehicles with a Disabled Parking Designation are able to park within the 1/2hr Day Parking spaces without time based infringement. NOTE: restriction of parking only between 7am and 12 midnight still applies and vehicles left in these spaces overnight will be issued with a Penalty Infringement Notice.

Overnight Parking

All vehicles parking overnight within the resort must park as directed by car parking staff. Please make the parking staff aware of any requirements relating to your disability and they will ensure that you are looked after to the best that the conditions and facilities allow. Note: shuttle vehicles are used to transport drivers to and from their cars in the overnights parking areas, these vehicles do not currently have wheelchair access equipment. If this poses a potential issue for you please alert the parking staff to your needs and they will see that you are accommodated to the best of their abilities.

If you have any questions or requirements regarding access and parking, please contact the parking supervisor on (03) 5758 1203 prior to your visit.


Falls Creek has a huge range of accommodation.

An incredible new facility has been built at Howmans Gap Alpine Lodge which offers unrivalled levels of accessibility for an alpine resort. The first of its kind facility located above the snowline in Australia, the $3.7 million Centre is underpinned by best practice in accessible design.

Fully wheelchair accessible accommodation is located within the Falls Creek Country Club There is other accommodation with varying levels of accessibility which may meet your needs. It is best to discuss this directly with the accommodation provider or an accommodation booking service.

Transferring to Some Accommodation

For accommodation that is not directly accessible from the Bogong High Plains Road, an Accommodation Transfer Service (ATS) provides transport from the base terminal to your accommodation during the snow season. This is a paid service. More information on ATS is available here. The vehicles used by ATS are not currently wheelchair accessible. Contact ATS on (03) 5758 1203 to discuss your specific needs.

Moving Around the Village

One of the features of Falls Creek in winter is that the village for a large part of the snow season has snow covered roads that provide a ski in ski out resort. Whilst being a great feature of the ski village, it inherently presents problems for people with limited accessibility, particularly if confined to a wheelchair.

There is a free shuttle service that runs during the day which provides access around a defined course in the village. Further information on the Village Shuttle can be found here. The Accommodation Transfer Service (ATS) also runs a taxi service throughout the village of an evening. Call (03) 5758 1203 for further information or to book a taxi service. Note that the vehicles used for the Village Shuttle and the taxi service are not currently wheelchair accessible.

Accessible Toilets

QT East

A unisex facility is available inside the building on the middle level, accessed from doorway to the left (east) of the central stairway. This level can be accessed from carpark via ramp in front of building or directly in front of QT Hotel entrance.

QT West

Male and Female facilities are contained within the public day shelter located on the middle level to the right (west) of the central stairway. Note, the entrance from the middle level has a small (<10cm) step up through the door. Access can be gained via an elevator which can be accessed from inside the Foodworks on the lower level of from inside the Stingray Bar entrance on the upper level.

Resort Management Building

A unisex facility is available within the public day shelter on the lower level of the building which contains the Visitor Information Centre. Access from carpark to the right (west) of the building requires overcoming a number of steps, however, access can be gained from road level on the left (east) of the building in front of the Police Station. Note the doorways have a very small (<5cm) step through the doorway.

Windy Corner

A unisex facility is located inside the entry to the Day Shelter facility. Access is via a steep ramp from the car park area. Note that this ramp is subject to ice during winter and there is a small (<10cm) step through the doorway.


A unisex facility is located within the Gateway Café/Day Shelter Building. There is ‘no step’ access directly from the roadway/parking area into this building.

Cloud 9

A single unisex facility is available just within the main front entry to the building. A wheelchair is provided and stored inside the building entry to help with accessing the toilet (and for general access within the building). Please note that snow conditions will often require the negotiation of a number of ‘snow steps’ down to the building entrance and assistance will most likely be required for a person using a wheelchair.

Maggies Snacks

A unisex facility is available within the Maggies Snacks building at the bottom of the Towers chairlift. A wheelchair is provided and stored inside the building entry to help with accessing the toilets. Please note that two single steps will need to be negotiated to enter the building and the restrooms and assistance will be required for a person using a wheelchair.

Village Bowl

There is a unisex facility located in the toilet block next to the children’s play equipment in the Village Bowl. This area is subject to significant snow shed and buildup and should not be considered a suitable accessible during the snow season.

Public Day Shelters

There are a number of designated public access day shelters within the resort which provide facilities for visitors to get out of the weather, relax and eat their own supplied food.


The area within the Gateway Café at the bottom of the Gully Chairlift is a designated public day shelter. This building is wheelchair accessible.

QT Building

There is a public day shelter facility on the middle level within the QT West Building. Wheelchair access can be made via a ramp in front of the QT East Building from the car park level or an internal lift that can be accessed on the lower level inside the Foodworks entrance or the upper level inside the Stingray entrance.

Resort Management Building

There is a public day shelter on the lower level of the Resort Management Building. Wheelchair access is via the East side next to the Police Station. Note there is a small <5cm step through the doors on this entrance.

Windy Corner

A public day shelter is located at Windy Corner. Access for the car park is via a relatively steep ramp, note that snow conditions can make wheelchair access up this ramp difficult even with assistance.

Disabled Wintersports Australia (DWA)

Disabled Wintersport Australia (DWA) is an organisation with a national perspective taking responsibility for the development of disability winter sport in Australia. The mission of DWA is “To promote and foster the advancement of participation by people with a disability in wintersport both in Australia and overseas”. DWA is very active at Falls Creek and its members and guides will often be seen on the ski slopes of our resort.

Membership of DWA provides members with a range of services, including free use of adaptive snowsport equipment, assistance at no cost of a volunteer on snow guide if available and concession off the purchase of lift passes, adaptive snowsport lessons and hire of snowsport equipment. Further information on membership and benefits can be found here.

Falls Creek has a dedicated DWA Resort Services Coordinator to support and assist members visiting Falls Creek independently to participate in snowsports. Contact details are contained here.

Adaptive Equipment

DWA has a range of adaptive equipment available for use at Falls Creek free of charge for members. Information on the range of equipment and form for booking the equipment is available here.

Ensure that you use the Victorian form for booking equipment for use at Falls Creek. The DWA Resort Services Coordinator will make contact with you to coordinate provision of adaptive equipment.

Volunteer Guides

DWA has at its core a great team of volunteer guides who are trained to support members with a range of disabilities on snow.  Members are able to request assistance of a volunteer guide for their time on snow at Falls Creek.  Provision of a volunteer guide is of no cost to DWA members, however, it is subject to a guide being available. Further information regarding volunteer guides and form for requesting a guide is available here.

Ensure that you use the Victorian form for requesting a guide for assistance at Falls Creek.  The DWA Resort Services Coordinator will make contact directly with you regarding your guide request.

Adaptive Snowsport Lessons

Falls Creek Snowsports School has a number of highly trained adaptive Snowsports instructors available to teach people with a range of disabilities the skills required to master Snowsports. DWA members receive a 50% concession on the cost of private lessons with an adaptive instructor. The Snowsports School at Falls Creek is located at the top of the Halleys Comet Chairlift.

Adaptive Mountain Biking

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