Disabled Access at Falls Creek

We aim to encourage more people to experience Falls Creek alpine village and outdoors with their family and friends regardless of ability.

During winter the majority of the resort is snowbound. Snow cover can vary extensively from day to day and area to area due to snowfall, snow clearing operations and snow melt. Many areas can also be subject to icy surfaces.

Those with limited accessibility, ie confined to wheelchair, may find independent accessibility problematic and a companion for assistance may be required. You are encouraged to talk directly to accommodation and service providers prior to your trip to Falls Creek to discuss any particular needs relating to your disability.

Disabled Wintersport Australia (DWA) is an organisation with a national perspective taking responsibility for the development of disability winter sport in Australia. The mission of DWA is "To promote and foster the advancement of participation by people with a disability in wintersport both in Australia and overseas". DWA is very active at Falls Creek and its members and guides will often be seen on the ski slopes of our resort.

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