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Falls Creek is a unique alpine village with all facilities, including parking, available at the village. For most of the year visitors are able to enter the village with their vehicles and park alongside accommodation. During winter and other specified event periods, parking restrictions are in place and must be adhered to.


The village has three distinct levels of parking access:

For the majority of the warmer months (October to June) Falls Creek village is open to vehicles. When the village is open to vehicles you are able to drive your vehicle into the village (via Falls Creek Rd and Slalom St entrances) and park outside your accommodation or other businesses.

During the declared snow season (June 10 - October 1) Falls Creek village is restricted for vehicle access. From June 22 to September 11 Falls Creek village is closed to vehicles, part of our unique ski-in, ski-out environment. The Slalom Street and Falls Creek Rd entrances will be closed to all vehicles and the Accommodation Transfer Service will be in operation to transport guests and their luggage to their accommodation.

Before June 22 and after September 11 Visitors may be able to access the village, provided snow conditions permit. This can also aplly during busy Summer periods or events during the snow season. In this instance guests will be permitted to enter via Falls Creek Rd under a temporary 30 minute permit to drive to their accommodation and unload luggage. Vehicles must exit the village within the 30 minute timeframe. The Slalom Street entrance will remain closed at all times.

Other access arrangements are permitted for residents and business owners. For further details contact Falls Creek Resort Management.


During the snow season day car parking is available in The Gully, Slalom and Windy Corner Day Car Park areas. Visitors may self-park in these areas provided they are displaying a valid Resort Entry Permit. Vehicles left in day car park areas overnight risk being issued an infringement.

Vehicles staying overnight (or for a number of days) must be parked in specified overnight parking areas. Visitors must drive to the Accommodation Transfer Terminal and look for signage indicating "Overnight Parking Here".

Once vehicles are at the overnight parking waiting point, a member of staff will direct them to an available overnight car park. Self-parking is not permitted.

For arrivals outside of normal operation (ie 3am), vehicles may be parked in the After-Hours parking areas below the Accommodation Transfer Terminal and above the CFA Station. This area is lit and signed. Visitors must return to their vehicle by 10:30am to move to an appropriate parking area per the above.

Vehicles must be parked appropriately and in accordance with all signage or be at risk of incurring an infringement. Vehicles parked in the village must be parked on the side of the road and clear of fire hydrants and garbage huts.

All vehicles must be parked completely within the lines with no part of the vehicle protruding over. This is particularly important to ensure clearance on the road for other vehicles and snow clearing machinery.

If you are issued an infringement notice and require clarification or wish to contest please follow the steps detailed on the back of the infringement notice.