Rubbish and Recycling Management

Falls Creek Alpine Resort is making a commitment to the sustainable management of recycling and waste at Falls Creek.

Our goal: We are aiming to divert 80% of waste from landfill by 2030 in alignment with the target set by the state government.

Strategy: To achieve our goal waste and recycling at Falls Creek will now be separated into organics, glass, mixed recycling and waste.

Impact: Separating organic waste will remove 50% of our waste from landfill. More than 60% of recycling is glass and separating it will aid in the recycling of this material.

Community action: Many of our stakeholders already correctly separating their waste, by winter 2024 everyone will be expected to separate their waste correctly. 

Let’s work together to reduce, reuse, and keep valuable resources out of landfill.

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What goes in which bag?

See below for you guide to correct waste disposal. If you're still not sure where an item goes, check out our A-Z lookup guide at the bottom of this page.

'How to' guide: Waste management at falls creek alpine resort


Resort Entry Terms & Conditions

Falls Creek Community Recycling Station

Falls Creek Alpine Resort has a community recycling station located downstairs of the Visitor Information Centre for special items that can be recycled.

You can drop off the following items: Pens and markers, small e-waste items and oral/eye care products

Safety Equipment and Protective Gear

There is also a safety equipment and protective gear collection box for the disposal of: safety goggles, disposable garments/masks, ear plugs and disposable gloves.

Check out the Safety Equipment & Protective Gear fact sheet for more information.

Recycling and waste reduction programs

There are many ways you can reduce your waste and impact on the environment. 

Reduce your plastic waste by signing up to: Plastic Free July

Learn how to dispose of toxic household items: Detox your home

Find out more about the Victorian Government's ban on single-use plastics: Single use plastic ban

See how the new Container Deposit Scheme is going to work: Container deposit scheme.


Information for school groups

To learn more about the alpine environment and how the Alpine Resorts recycle food waste you can check out the Alpine Food Waste Series: 

Alpine Food Waste Series Episode 1: A Unique Place

Alpine Food Waste Series Episode 2: Our Impact

Alpine Food Waste Series Episode 3: Beauty and Balance

The Alpine Food Waste Series is an initiative of North East councils and alpine resorts in partnership with the North East Waste & Resource Recovery Group.

Staff training resources

For stakeholders there is a staff training package to assist you with educating your staff on the recycling and rubbish management practices within Falls Creek Alpine Resort. 

Click to download the most current Staff Training Package 

Click to download latest waste and recycling posters


a-z waste disposal guide

Still not sure what goes where? Check out the A-Z guide below to search for the correct bin for any item.

Coffee pods

Coffee filter (paper)

Coat hanger (plastic)

Coat hanger (metal)

Clothing- T-shirt (old)

Shoes (old)

Clothing- Jeans

Or donate to your local op-shop

Chopsticks (wood)

Carton- Milk (lid off)

Carton- Milk (gable top)

Carton- Ice Cream

Carton- Coconut water

Can- Petrol (plastic)

Contact FCAR for more details and to discuss options.

Can- Tomatoes

Can- Soft drink

Can- Condensed milk

Can- Dog food

Box- Tissues

Box- Spices (cardboard)

Box- Pizza

Box- Cereal (cardboard)

Box- Cask wine (with bladder)

Box – Cardboard Tech (coated)

Please flatten

Box- Cardboard (wax coated)

Please flatten

Box (Cardboard)

Please flatten.

Bottle Sauce (Plastic)

Bottle Spray Pump Trigger

Bottle Spray Pump (No trigger)

Please remove trigger.

Bottle Spirit (Glass)

Please remove lid.

Bottle Soft Drink (Glass)

Please remove lid.

Bottle Soft Drink (Plastic)

Please remove lid

Bottle Shampoo (Plastic)

Bottle Perfume (Glass)

Bottle Olive Oil (Plastic Empty)

Bottle Olive Oil FULL (Plastic)

Dispatch of in hutch sealed and upright. Do NOT place in rubbish bag.

Bottle Olive Oil (Glass)

Please remove lid

Bottle Milk (Plastic)

Bottle Medicine

Bottle Juice (Glass)

Bottle Plastic (Handwash)

Pump Nozzle (Handwash Bottle)

Gas Bottle

Contact FCAR for more details and to discuss options

Bottle Fish Sauce (Glass)

Bottle (Engine Oil)

Contact FCAR for more details and to discuss options.

Bottle (Plastic Cordial)

Bottle (Glass beer)

Aerosol Can (Deodorant)

Aerosol Can (Toxic)

Bag (Dog Poo Empty)

Bag (Dog Poo)

Bag (Plastic)

Produce Bag (Netting Plastic)

Rubbish Bag (Large)

Rubbish Bag (Small)

Bag (Ziplock)

Balloons (Used)

Battery (Car)

Ewaste – Dispose of via our electronic waste shed at Howmans Gap Snow Clearing Area at scheduled times only.

Battery (Mix)

Ewaste – Dispose of via our electronic waste station located downstairs at the Visitor Information Centre

Doona (old)

Pillow (old)

Aerosol Can (BBQ Cleaner)