Disabled Wintersports Australia

Falls Creek Snowsports and Disabled WinterSport Australia (DWA) offers one of the most advanced adaptive skier programs in the world.

Ski with internationally recognized instructors and ski guides, known for their excellence in assisting people with disabilities, and experience the thrill of skiing in the magic snowy mountains. At Falls Creek we offer both private lessons and ski camp programs with DWA.

Read on to learn more avout Adaptive skiing/riding and the programs offered by Falls Creek and Disabled Winter Sport Australia. 

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Adaptive Disciplines

2 track skiing involves skiing in a standing position, named after the two tracks left behind them in the snow. The skier wears regular ski-boots and two downhill skis, and may also use ski-poles. Additional equipment can be used to assist the skier with stability and steering. Ski-bra's fix the ski tips together to help beginners learn how to snowplough and control their speed and direction, and tethers can allow a ski guide to provide additional control. A snow wing which positions the skier within a rubber frame so that the guides can offer steering and support can also be used.

Falls Creek Snowsports School Adaptive Programs

Falls Creek with the support of Disabled WinterSport Australia offers access to highly trained internationally recognised instructors to meet the needs of the skier or rider with a disability.

At Falls Creek we offer both private lessons and ski camp programs, taught with the use of specialized equipment, and includes sit-skiing, alpine and snowboarding activities. With these resources we can offer adaptive activities for a wide range of disability groups.

DWA Programs

DWA offers specific camp programs for a range of strengths, abilities, and experience throughout the winter season. These programs focus on three broad outcomes:

  • Introductory Programs - For your first time to the snow!
  • Recreation Programs - Now this is a pursuit I'm interested in!
  • Experiential Programs - Free riding in the mountains!

Aimed at high level disability groups our experiential programs have an emphasis on the full alpine experience; enjoying the mountains and fresh air you are assisted by our ski guides to tour the ski resorts.


Disabled WinterSport Australia (DWA) is a member based organisation. Membership is essential for a participant or volunteer, to access our member benefits including adaptive equipment, concessions, programs and camps run by DWA.

Skiers/Riders with a Disability

All individuals with a disability accessing DWA services must become a member. Once they have completed the application, members are issued with a DWA passport. As a passport holder Members are entitled to:

  • Equipment
  • Lift ticket
  • Ski Lessons

Individual membership is $159 (renewing) $259 (new).

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