Gravel Riding

We’re all explorers at heart and backcountry gravel riding is the ideal vehicle for those seeking adventure and space out beyond the resort boundaries. With an incredible network of gravel and backcountry riding routes weaving their way across the Bogong High Plains Falls Creek is the perfect gateway for your next trip. With options ranging from smooth & idyllic aqueduct trails right through to all day Alpine epics the rewards are waiting for those willing to push on just a little farther. With the ability to link backcountry rides into the network of singletrack and trails in our MTB park the only real limit to how far you can go is yourself. 

What You'll Need:

All of the routes are designed for a gravel bike, but some of the gnarly trails may be easier on an MTB. Make sure all riders are independent and prepared, never head out alone, and let someone from home your plan. A quick checklist may include:

  • Tools, pump and spare tubes (with the ability to use them 
  • Clothing for the conditions + a jacket (the weather in the Alpine region can change quickly)  
  • Food and water for the duration of your ride  
  • Fully charged mobile phone  
  • First aid kit
  • Map + compass (and know how to use them) 

The Trails

The high-altitude trails of Falls Creek include a range of wide gravel roads to winding single trails, and everything in between. We’ve curated some of our favourite routes and graded them accordingly. Ranging from 15km to 70km+ epics, these trails have been designed to keep you smiling (or gritting) for days.

Rocky Valley Lake Return

Distance: 14.0km | Estimated Ride Time: 30mins - 1.5 hours

This gentle ride is a perfect warmup and ideal for those with younger riders looking to find a quiet route to explore. The push up to the aqueduct trail out of the village is the hardest bit with predominately flat route after this taking you through the Nordic bowl and out to the opposite side of the Rocky Valley lake for a new perspective and perhaps some rock skimming or a picnic!


Distance: 14.3 km | Estimated Ride Time: 1 - 2 hours

This is a great ride for newer riders looking to explore within the resort and see how their hill climbing legs are faring! With a decent climb out of resort it rewards riders with incredible views over the valleys and across the high plains before a wonderful descent back into the village.


Distance: 19.2km | Estimated Ride Time: 1 - 2.5 hours

This lovely cruise is a great intro into gravel riding and is perfect for those whose legs are a little less experienced. Heading out on simple gravel roads this out and back route delivers stunning views of the high plains and brings riders out to the secluded Pretty Valley Lake. With steady climbs and beautiful scenery it can easily be extended with additional loops or a quick detour to the Pretty Valley Hut.


Distance: 25.5km | Estimated Ride Time: 2.5 - 3.5 hours

This classic loop takes advantage of some of the incredible variation on offer to riders from Falls Creek. This mixed surface route is perfect for a gravel bike and whilst it’s short, it’s got enough distance and elevation packed in to make it a great challenge with a long sustained climb.  


Distance: 27.4km | Estimated Ride Time: 2.5 - 4 hours

An epic ride out that takes you well out of resort boundaries and into the stunning isolation of the Tawonga Huts. With more technical terrain and a very isolated feel this awesome ride is a real adventure. Ideal for an out of bounds MTB ride this can be combined with riding back into resort on some singletrack in the Falls Creek MTB park.


Distance: 28.5km | Estimated Ride Time: 1.5 - 3.5 hours

This classic ride will take riders out over the back of Resort and down into Pretty Valley. On chunky but well surfaced tracks riders will visit 3 huts with the highlight being the ride to Ryders Yards, one of the most stunning locations on the high plains. Save some energy for the return leg though as you’ll need to climb back out of Pretty Valley before descending back into Falls Creek.


Distance: 37km | Estimated Ride Time: 2.5 - 4 hours

This high altitude ride offers some of the greatest views in the high country and heads out into the remote mountains flanking Bogong with much of the ride over 1800m. With a steady gravel grind up a long winding track this ride offers a feeling of solitude and adventure and really is one of the highlights of Falls Creek. The last section of trail is particularly technical and would be better suited to an MTB. Can be added onto the Huts & Aqueducts ride to make an epic day out.


Distance: 40.6km | Estimated Ride Time: 2.5 - 3.5 hours

This stunning route showcases all the high plains has to offer, huts, lakes and wide open alpine vistas. This mixed terrain route takes riders on 50% smooth aqueduct and tarmac and 50% rougher fire track. Rideable in both directions it offers multiple opportunities to divert off the route and check out historic Cope Hut and Wallaces Hut. A challenging climb at the midway point keeps you honest. This ride can also be joined with the Spion Kopje ride to make an EPIC Alpine day out!


Distance: 60.5km | Estimated Ride Time: 4 - 6 hours

Linking together the Huts & Aqueducts ride together with the Spion Kopje Return ride creates a majestic high level ride that will take riders into some of the high alpine routes unique to the Bogong High Plains. 


Distance: 73.5km | Estimated Ride Time: 5 - 7 hours

A combination of three of our best loops. This all day epic will take riders from green forest canopy up through snowgums, past historic huts and out onto one of the Alpine National parks most exposed plateau’s and peaks. Not for the faint hearted this route is an awesome challenge on varied and challenging terrain.  

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