Pets at Falls Creek

When visiting Falls Creek, please leave your pets at home.

Whilst domestic animals like dogs and cats are treasured members of many families, in the alpine environment they present significant risks to wildlife and our native ecosystems. In addition to these environmental risks, domestic animals can present hygiene issues for the village and safety risks for people within the resort.

For these reasons cats, dogs, horses and other pets are not permitted in the resort. Controls and fines also apply under State Law when bringing pets into the surrounding Alpine National Park.

You may wonder why you have seen dogs from time to time at Falls Creek? In certain circumstances Falls Creek residents are eligible to keep dogs in the resort with a permit issued by Falls Creek Resort Management (cats are strictly forbidden).

Permits are only offered to qualified residents, employees or business owners and Permit holders are governed by the Falls Creek dog policy which places restrictions on when and where dogs are allowed and aims to minimise impacts on our native animals and ecosystems.

For residents seeking more information on Falls Creek's Dog Policy please visit our Corporate Site.

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