Ice Plunge!

Each year, tradition holds that Falls Creek locals offer themselves up to the snow gods on the first day of winter for a bountiful snow season. This year, the gods have looked kindly on us and said, “The last two years have been tough on you all and you have been through enough – here, have a great7 beginning of winter with 70cm of white gold to get you started. You need not offer yourselves up this year.”

Whilst we were incredibly grateful for this early snowfall, it did mean we could not hold the Ice Plunge at Rocky Valley Lake in the traditional manner due to the snowfall causing the road to close and we cannot get everyone out to the lake. The below-freezing temperatures would also have created snow icicles of our plungers, not unlike the Greek Goddess of Snow, Khione, who has been known to create ice sculptures from humans.

But as the Ancient Greeks will attest, the Gods can be fickle and not to be trusted. As such, we still provided a somewhat-reduced offering to the gods at the Slalom Plaza Pond – just to be sure. There were ducks, frozen feet, outrageous costumes, and prizes galore. As well as donations raised to help the Fight MND charity in its worthy battle to find a cure for Motor Neuron Disease. This year, there was over $2,000 worth of prizes up for grabs, donated by our amazing local stakeholders. This included hot drinks, a barbecue breakfast and toasty fire pits to warm up the daring citizens who took the plunge.

Thanks to our incredible sponsors for our prize pool upwards of $2,000! They are listed here alphabetically:
• 1550 Café and Restaurant
• Astra Falls Creek
• Bright Brewery
• Falls Creek Resort Management
• Falls Creek Ski Lifts
• Foodworks Falls Creek
• Frying Pan Inn
• Huski Kitchen
• The Last Hoot
• Milch Café
• Snownuts