MTB Trail Naming Comp Winners!

We asked you to come up with your best names, for not 1 but 3 new MTB trails, to win the ultimate Falls Creek Mountain Biking Getaway! Thank you to everyone who entered. We received an overwhelming amount of names and our judging panel debated for hours over the best of the best.

Congratulations to Brian, Natalie and Marissa on giving us the winning names! You’ve all won an epic prize pack thanks to St Falls Resort, Bright Brewery, The Last Hoot & Blue Dirt Mountain Biking. Keep an eye on your inbox for a message from us to claim your prize.

There were a couple of people that entered the winning names as well, but as per the terms and conditions, the winning prize went to the first person to enter with that name. For those that entered that name but weren’t the first to do so chronologically, some merch will be coming your way. Keep an eye on your inbox too.

A short but very important shortcut to the crowd favourite trail ‘Flowtown’. Now when it comes to Flowtown, we all know the bottom section is where it gets its name. Downtown is your one way ticket to everyone’s favourite flow section!

The top to bottom trail you’ll be dreaming of long after you ride it. Skyline takes us from the summit to road 24 in a rollercoaster of berms, jumps, rock features and gravity flow! It’s got that ‘lap it all day’ kinda energy. The name Skyline also pays homage to the first lodge ever built in Falls Creek. Skyline Lodge was built in 1947 near where the International Poma lift runs now.

The name Heavy Metal was chosen for 2 reasons. Bridges…metal bridges… and lots of em’! We spent a day choppering in over 50 drops worth of big metal bridges including a 40m long one on this trail so you can keep your wheels dry! And also… you’re going to want some Black Sabbath in your ears cause’ she’s fast!

If you’re coming to visit, please be aware the MTB park is partially open with the exception of:

  • High Voltage (bridgeworks in progress – est opening mid December)
  • Skyline (bridgeworks in progress – est opening mid December)
  • Heavy Metal (trail construction being completed – est opening end January)
  • Downtown  (bridgeworks in progress – est opening mid December)

Use of trails is subject to the following constraints

  • Access to Falls Creek is only via Omeo Highway.
  • Ambulance Victoria response may be compromised in the event of an injury due to access constraints in place.
  • Use of the trail network is at riders’ own risk given the increased risk profile.
  • Bike Patrol will not be operating.