Two Lane Access to Falls Creek Resort set to open by Late May, 18 months after state’s biggest landslide in 40 years

Falls Creek Alpine Resort is thrilled to announce two-way traffic is set to be reinstated at the landslip site on Bogong High Plains Road by late May 2024. This marks a significant milestone for winter season access to Falls Creek Resort after almost 18 months since the landslip occurred. Standing 70 meters tall and 100 meters wide, the slip has been marked as the state’s largest in over 40 years, beginning after the heavy rainfall event in late 2022.

Major Road Projects Victoria (MRPV), working closely with East Gippsland’s Whelan’s Group Investments have undertaken a tremendous amount of work in the past 18 months, tirelessly removing over 600,000 tonnes of material from the slope safely and completing essential works to prevent another occurrence at the site. After working around the clock to ensure single lane access by winter 2023, Falls Creek are extremely grateful for their hard work in ensuring a delay-free drive for our winter guests in 2024.

“Falls Creek holds a special place in the hearts of many Victorians – these works on Bogong High Plains Road will keep thousands of locals, tourists and industry connected to one of our state’s most popular alpine resorts” Said Danny Pearson, Minister for Transport Infrastructure

Source: Whelan's Group Investments

Now just 7 weeks from season opening, Falls Creek Alpine Resort and the village stakeholders have been extremely busy preparing for the 2024 winter season. The resort’s significant investment in new infrastructure aims to enhance the visitor experience. The resort is nearing completion of a new overnight car park with 200 spaces located at Roper’s Saddle on Bogong High Plains Road.

"With increased visitation, we’ve had to close the resort on several occasions over the last few years due to car park capacity limits. One of the few positives to come from the landslip, was the ability to utilise some of the offtake as infill for new parking bays. In addition to those spaces add last year, an additional 200 overnight spaces have been created at Ropers Saddle. This will help to ensure the resort can meet forecast demand.” said Falls Creek COO Stuart Smythe.

The beloved Cloud 9 building at the top of Halley’s Comet Chairlift has undergone a serious summer makeover, wrapping up stage 2 of their 3-stage development plan to improve the iconic establishment. Renovations include a huge new deck overlooking the breathtaking Spion Kopje and a stone-clad ramp-style entrance, dramatically improving accessibility for disabled skiers, snowboarders, and sightseers.

At least two new bars and restaurants will make their debut this season including the Chophouse team’s new venture, ‘The Little Chop Italian Shop’ located in the historic Nelse building as well as a brand-new restaurant in the Elk building, more details to come!

With temperatures dropping and our first snowfall a few weeks ago, it’s starting to feel a lot like winter in the mountains. You can expect all the usual fun and activities in Falls Creek this year including our epic line-up of events, weekly festivities including Twilight Tuesdays, Fireworks Fiesta and Night Skiing, fabulous ski and snowboard programs including the brand new ‘Mike’s Men’s Ski Program’ to run alongside ‘Mim’s Women’s Programs’. We can’t wait to welcome everyone back for another winter to remember.

Premier’s Media Release – Major Falls Creek Tourism Route to be Snow Season Ready.pdf.