EV Charging Stations

A new addition to Falls Creek for winter 2023 are 2 brand new Ocular IQ Towers, housing 4 charging outlets for any EV within Australia. These stations are located in the Gully Car Park and can be accessed by guests via credit card or through the mobile phone app.

Below are some general usage rules that guests must adhere to when using the charging stations.

usage rules

  • Charging spaces are strictly for vehicles being charged.  Once your vehicle is sufficiently charged, please move your vehicle to an appropriate day or overnight car park.
  • Monitor your charge when you are away from your vehicle via the Chargefox app.
  • Ensure you are parked on the correct side of the charging port as to avoid pulling charging cables across adjacent vehicles.
  • Put the connector back in the holster once vehicle is charged.
  • Leave a note on your vehicle to let others know if it's okay to remove cable once charging is complete.
  • If there is a problem with the charger, please contact Falls Creek Alpine Resort on (03) 5758 1200 during office hours.

Learn more about the Ocular IQ Tower.

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