Alpine Resorts Victoria Launches All Resorts Season Permit for Winter 2024

Alpine Resorts Victoria is pleased to announce the launch of a vehicle season permit valid at all six of Victoria’s alpine resorts for the 2024 winter season.  

The All Resorts Season Permit is ideal for dedicated snow lovers, offering unlimited access to the resorts throughout the season and means regular visitors can make the most of the 2024 snow season by visiting each one of Victoria’s six alpine resorts.

“We know that many seasonal visitors and regional locals visit multiple resorts during winter, and we’re pleased to support them with the All Resorts Season Permit,” said Amber Gardner, CEO of Alpine Resorts Victoria (ARV).

“The All Resorts Season Permit will give visitors to our wonderful alpine resorts the flexibility to experience each of our six resorts and follow the best snow conditions,” said Ms Gardner. “The permit also simplifies the resort entry experience, with guests only having to purchase one permit for the entire season.”

The introduction of the All Resorts Season Permit follows a customer survey conducted by ARV among resort-specific season permit holders and long-stay visitors. 73% of respondents said they would visit resorts they do not usually visit if the permit was introduced, and 48% would visit a resort they had not visited before.

Businesses across the resorts have welcomed the permit and the opportunity it gives guests to regularly visit their favourite mountains, or even try something new.

Steve Belli, Mt Hotham’s Chamber of Commerce President said, “It is great that the All Resorts Season Permit is back for season 2024 - it has been something our visitors have asked about for the past few years.  It’s great to see Alpine Resorts Victoria listening to visitors and getting a pretty big win on the cards for season 2024.”

Priced at $1078, the permit represents great value for avid visitors to travel to different resorts to enjoy their unique characteristics; guests can try out a new mountain, attend an event, or just change it up for a day, all under the one permit.

The All Resorts Season Permit will go on sale on Monday 4 March, (only available online).

For more information and to purchase your All Resorts Permit, head to Resort Entry - Falls Creek Alpine Resort