Give your old gear a new life.

Did you know that in Australia we use an estimated 1000 tonnes of snow sports gear per year? Where do you think this old and unwanted junk ends up? You guessed it.. the dreaded landfill.

As an industry that relies so heavily on a healthy natural environment, we need to be aware on our impact this has on our beloved mountains. That’s why this year, Game-On recycling are teaming up with Falls Creek to give our old equipment a new life as something else. Game On Recycling is working with researchers to granulate equipment collected into different composites and see what new products these materials can be used for in Australian manufacturing.

We ask you, the Australian winter sports community to get behind this project to reach the Game On Recycling’s goal of 5,000kg of ski equipment collected. So bring along your old skis, ski poles, snowboards, plastic taboggans, snow sport helmets, visors and boots and give them a new life.

October collection information:

Location: Snow Clearing Depot, Howman’s Gap
Time: Sunday October 30, 2022 12pm-4pm

To find out more, visit the Game On Recycling website: