Cancellation of events from January to March 10

We are very sad and disappointed to announce that events from January through to March 10, 2022 have had to be cancelled due to the active landslide on Bogong High Plains Road.

These tough decisions have been made in response to maintaining the safety of our visitors. At present, there is limited access for visitors, emergency services and other services like groceries, to the Falls Creek village. This is another challenge for Falls Creek village to weather, as it is for the event organisers and all people across the states of Victoria and NSW affected by the flood disasters at present.

We are considering all possibilities in order to reschedule any events that can be postponed, rather than complete cancellations. Please keep an eye on our socials for any updates on events.

At this stage, we are still planning to run events from March 11. Please check out our events page for the full list of events still to come for the summer season.

If you still plan to visit Falls Creek

Falls Creek Alpine Resort (FCAR) continues to operate under the Fall Creek Emergency Management Plan, and we are required to know who is in the resort in the case of an emergency situation, so you can be notified. Therefore, we ask anyone intending to visit/stay in the resort over the next two months to continue register their intention to visit via the Visitor Registration Form.

It is also important to note that response times for emergency service in Falls Creek are currently greatly delayed as they need to come from Omeo, which is 2 hours away.

Falls Creek Foodworks

The supermarket is operating as follows: The supermarket will be open on Monday and Thursday from 11:30am to 1pm
The opening hours may differ slightly if travel time by staff to the resort is delayed at all.

Foodworks ask you to place an online order for fresh fruit, vegetables and other perishables such as bread and milk. An order can be placed via the Foodworks Website by the end of day Thursday for delivery on Monday or end of day Tuesday for delivery on Thursday.

Orders will be available for collection at the store in Falls Creek during the operating hours noted above. All deliveries are free of charge while the road closure is in place, only a pick & pack fee will be applied.

The delivery vehicle is a refrigerated vehicle but not a freezer unit therefore, frozen items should only be ordered if consumed as per the manufacturer’s guidelines once thawed.

If you are planning to visit Falls Creek, please either bring your own food to last the duration of your stay, or pre-order and pick up only within the store opening hours.

Please share this with others intending to travel to Falls Creek Resort for their information and consideration.

Further public notices will be available on the Regional Roads Victoria website.

For any enquiries regarding the content in this email please call 03 5758 1200 or email [email protected] during business hours, Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm. Please note the Visitor Information Centre will remain closed at this time.