Gravel Riding

WORLD CLASS Gravel Riding

We’re all explorers at heart and backcountry gravel riding is the ideal vehicle for those seeking adventure and space out beyond the resort boundaries. With an incredible network of gravel and backcountry riding routes weaving their way across the Bogong High Plains Falls Creek is the perfect gateway for your next tripWith options ranging from smooth & idyllic aqueduct trails right through to all day Alpine epics the rewards are waiting for those willing to push on just a little farther. With the ability to link backcountry rides into the network of singletrack and trails in our MTB park the only real limit to how far you can go is yourself. 

Gravel riding at Falls Creek

What You'll Need:

All of the routes are designed for a gravel bike, but some of the gnarly trails may be easier on an MTB. Make sure all riders are independent and prepared, never head out alone, and let someone from home your plan. A quick checklist may include:

  • Tools, pump and spare tubes (with the ability to use them 
  • Clothing for the conditions + a jacket (the weather in the Alpine region can change quickly)  
  • Food and water for the duration of your ride  
  • Fully charged mobile phone  
  • First aid kit
  • Map + compass (and know how to use them) 

The Trails:

The high-altitude trails of Falls Creek include a range of wide gravel roads to winding single trails, and everything in between. We’ve curated some of our favourite routes and graded them accordingly. Ranging from 15km to 70km+ epics, these trails have been designed to keep you smiling (or gritting) for days.

Why not get a taste of heritage with the Tawonga Huts Return, or treat yourself to stunning valley views with the Tour of the Top? For those looking to test the lungs, the High Alpine Epic and Falls Creek BIG Day Out both provide all that Falls gravel riding has to offer. If you're new to riding, don't worry. The Rocky Valley Lake Return provides the perfect starting point along the smooth aqueduct trail, and don't forget to pack a picnic!