Disc Golf

Disc Golf

Just in time for the summer holidays Disc Golf has arrived at Falls Creek Resort. Much like traditional golf players aim to complete each hole in the fewest number of strokes; except instead of a ball players use a flying disc! The holes at Falls Creek are a bicycle themed elevated basket or ‘pole hole’ and a short but fun 9 hole course is now available for guests in the Nordic Bowl.

Disc sets are available for rent in the Visitor Information Centre and we also have some fun Falls Creek frisbee’s available to purchase. Printed course maps are available and if junior players bring back a completed score card (no matter what the score!) they get a certificate!

Disk Golf

Disc Golf Rules

Courtesy— Watch out for other users of the area including bikes and walkers. Always give way to other park users and take your litter with you.

Tee Throws — Each hole begins with a throw from the tee pad.

Lie — The spot where the disc lands.

Throwing Order— Lowest score on the previous hole throws first. After the teeing off, the player whose lie is furthest from the basket throws first.

Fairway Throws — Must be made from the lie. A run-up and follow through is permitted.

Putting—Within 10 metres of the basket, a player may not step past the lie when attempting to throw.

Completion of Hole — The hole is complete when the disc lands in the basket

Out Of Bounds — A disc is OOB when it is completely surrounded by the out of bounds areas marked on the map. A 1 stroke penalty is incurred and the disc is thrown from the point when it was last in bounds.

To download the course map and score card, use the following link:

Disk Golf