Did you know your shoes and tIres can collect and transport the seeds of weeds that have the potential to cause serious damage to our alpine environment. You can help stop these invaders from taking hold by cleaning your gear before and after you head out for a day in nature. Please dispose of any burrs or seeds you remove in the rubbish.

Clean before you arrive!

Ideally you should clean shoes and tires before you arrive in the resort, but if you forgot, please head to the village bike wash and give them a good scrub.

What could your treads be carrying?

What to do if you spot an invasive species in the resort

Please report all weed sightings to Falls Creek Resort Management office or email: [email protected] and include details on the location, number of plants and/or photos.

How can you help?

Cleaning your gear before you head out for a day in nature! Weeds spread, by your tread! These weeds can have a significant impact on the biodiversity of our Alpine environment. Take advantage of our Bike wash station to stop the spread, clean your tread!

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