Travelling by road is a great way to get to Falls Creek and take in the natural beauty of the North East Victorian countryside.

Driving to Falls Creek

Falls Creek is the closest alpine resort to Albury, an easy day’s drive from Sydney & four and a half hours drive from Melbourne. You can reach Falls Creek in a comfortable day of driving from most locations in Victoria and New South Wales.

From Sydney or Melbourne the best way is to travel along the Hume Highway and take the turnoffs at either Wangaratta (from Melbourne) or Albury (from Sydney). For those in the sunshine state, Falls Creek is not as far as you think - it can be comfortably driven over two days along the Newell Highway with a stop-over on the way.

In winter the only approach is via Mt Beauty. Outside the snow season there is an additional approach via Mt Hotham and Omeo which is better suited to those traveling from the Gippsland region.

Resort Entry and Parking

Falls Creek offers on-mountain car parking for both day trips and longer stays. The cost for parking is covered with the purchase of a resort entry permit, required for all vehicles entering the resort.

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Snow Chains

During the snow season it is a legal requirement that all vehicles entering the resort carry snow chains. This includes AWD and 4WD vehicles and applies from the season opening on June 12 through to the last day of the season on October 3 and only diamond pattern chains are permitted. Ladder chains, spider chains and snow socks cannot be used at Falls Creek.

Fines apply for not carrying and fitting diamond pattern chains as directed.

Not all cars can fit chains on their tyres. This may include cars with low profile tyres or where there is not enough of a gap between the tyre and the car. If you are unable to fit chains to your car, then you will need to make other arrangements to visit Falls Creek such as the Park + Ride bus service available from Mt Beauty.

Diamond pattern wheel chains are the safest and most suitable traction device for the challenging conditions during the declared snow season or when snow chains are required.

  • All vehicles must carry chains when entering the resort.
  • Vehicles must fit chains as directed by ‘fit chains’ signage.
  • Exemptions for fitting chains (ie. 4WD exemption) are determined by road conditions on an ongoing basis.
  • Fitting winter/snow tyres does not negate the requirement to carry or fit chains as directed.

Chains are not available for hire once on-mountain and must be carried with you from the beginning of your mountain ascent.

Diamond pattern chains

An authorised diamond pattern wheel chain must be:

  • comprised of interlocking steel links or rings
  • the correct size for the wheels and tyres fitted to the vehicles
  • suitable for the wheels, tyres, weight and construction of the vehicle
  • when fitted, fully enclose the tyre and effectively grips both side walls of the tyre
  • constructed of hard high quality steel
  • of a pattern and design where some part of the chain will be in contact with the road surface at all times when fitted
  • suitable and durable enough for a road of varying gradients, sharp corners and variable conditions
  • unmodified or unaltered from the original commercially manufactured product

If the above specifications of diamond pattern wheel chains are met, then they are permitted when travelling to Falls Creek.

The sheltered approach to Falls Creek means the road is less affected by snow and ice conditions. In most cases chains are only fitted during or directly after heavy snowfall, and usually only for the final 5 - 10km. Be mindful of ice patches however as these can form with clear conditions, particularly in early morning.

Snow chains can be hired from a number of outlets in Myrtleford and Mt Beauty on your way to Falls Creek. For up to date information on chain fitting status make sure you check the snow report page on your way.

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Driving Tips

  • LP gas vehicles perform best on petrol in alpine regions
  • Ensure you have adequate fuel - there is none
    available at Falls Creek
  • Avoid sudden braking or acceleration when driving in icy conditions
  • Drive with your headlights on in foggy conditions
  • Do not drive with accumulated snow on your vehicle - doing so is illegal and creates hazards to other vehicles
  • Use a stiff plastic scraper to clear ice from car windows (never pour hot water on an icy windscreen!)
  • You may need a shovel to dig your car out of the snow - you can rent these from ATS.
  • Always fit chains when advised - it is a good idea if staying for a few days to fit chains when you park if snow is forecast.


There is no fuel available at Falls Creek so it is a good idea to fill up in Mt Beauty before driving the last leg to the resort. During summer if you are approaching from Omeo there are petrol stations there also.

If driving a diesel vehicle you must use alpine mix diesel which is available from the pump at all service stations around Mt Beauty, Bright and Myrtleford in the colder months.

Road Closures

For short term road closure advice, please keep an eye on our website and Facebook page.