Drones at Falls Creek

Falls Creek is a No Drone Zone and use of drones is not permitted by visitors, regardless of skill or experience in using them. This is due to a number of important factors including public safety and regulations set by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

Drones can cause significant injuries if they come into contact with individuals, and whilst it may be great to see footage of your skiing from above, there are present risks of danger to other skiers, either from collision whilst on a chairlift or from the ground below.

Furthermore, Falls Creek has an active airspace with regular helicopter activity at its two helipads. Drone use is regulated through CASA to ensure they do not cause a risk to other aircraft using this airspace.

These restrictions apply not just in winter but all year round. From time to time you may see drones in use at the resort for media filming purposes. This is permitted only by issue of a specific permit by Falls Creek Resort Management which maintains strict controls over how and where drones can operate and is coordinated in conjunction with CASA. For media operators seeking more information on gaining a permit through Falls Creek's Drone Policy please visit our Corporate Site.