The Management Services shall include all things necessary to ensure the
efficient running of the Lodge with the Lodge to open to arrivals during the
following times:

  1. During the snow season, being 9 June 2023 to the Friday immediately
    following the official close of the ski season on 8 October 2023, or
  2. At all other times, as shall be reasonably necessary to serve the
    needs of Guests and potential Guests.

Without limiting the foregoing, the following are included in the Management
Services, together with all other tasks and duties as may become necessary
for the safe, efficient and profitable running of the Lodge:

Comply with all aspects included in the attached MOGULCOVIDSAFE Plan 2022

  1. Supervise the general conduct of members and guests of the Lodge,
    and exercise courtesy and tact in doing so.
  2. Be responsible for the good management and supervision of the Lodge
    and its members and their guests.

Cleaning Schedule

  1. Member & Guest bathrooms & toilets to be cleaned following every guest departure. This is to occur even if other sharing guests are not departing on the same day.
  2. Daily vacuum cleaning of the lounges (including games room), halls,
    staircase areas and laundry.
  3. Cleaning the fireplace area daily, and reprovisioning of the wood
    supply (including kindling) with sufficient wood for that day’s use.
  4. Clean the entry/ski/board storage area and maintain a safe entrance ramp. Snow moving shovels will be provided for use across the season.
  5. Arrange and ensure that all rubbish is disposed of daily, including perishables, cans and bottles.

NB – Members and Guests are required to vacuum & clean their own rooms upon departure of the lodge.  Lodge Mangers may be required to check that the rooms have been left at an appropriate standard.

Guest Linen Requirements
Ensure that all members and their guests are provided with the following
laundered linen, which shall comprise:

  • Single Bed – 1 doona cover, 1 sheet, 1 pillow case, 1 bath towel per single bed,
  • Double Ben – 1 doona cover, 1 sheet, 2 pillow cases, 2 bath towels per double bed.
  • 1 shower mat and hand towel are to be supplied per bathroom each
    changeover day.

Lodge Laundry

Arrange for soiled linen (with the exception of towels, hand towels and bath mats) to be laundered with external supplier.

All linen to be put away in the laundry cupboard. Monitor laundry for missing linen, notifying the launderer immediately any discrepancy is discovered.

All towels, hand towels and bath mats are to be laundered in the lodge.

NB – There is a 3 day turn around for the external laundry service and therefore planning is needed with laundry requirements during peak times

Clean out the drying room weekly, placing unclaimed items aside into ‘lost property storage’ in laundry for guests to claim from.

Catering Requirements & Food Management

  1. Preparation and cooking of breakfasts and evening meals each day
  2. Meal make up to be expected
    1. children’s meals are 2 course, main & dessert
    2. adult meals are 2 – 3 courses with a mix of entrée & main, main & dessert & entrée, main & dessert.

      Wherever possible (and where in keeping with hygienic food storage practices) leftover food should be made available to members and their guests for their consumption at lunchtimes.
  3. Manage the food budget.
  4. Write menus for adults and children on the white board each morning/early afternoon.
  5. Meals are to be served at the following times:
    1. Breakfast 30am – 8.45am
    2. Dinner Children 6.00pm
    3. Dinner Adults 7.00pm
  6. Nightly dinners (children & adults) members and their guests to ensure that
    tables are set appropriately for the meal.
  7. Coffee and tea-making supplies should be made available throughout the day. This includes regular supply of milk in the guest kitchen fridges.
  8. A regular supply of fresh fruit is also to be available to guests in a communal fruit bowl on the dining room table and should be restocked daily.
  9. Ensure that plates, utensils etc. are cleaned up, washing up is done after breakfast and dinners. All clean dishes to be pushed out kitchen servery for members and guests to put away.  One empty basket to be left on kitchen servery following dinner clean-up for any additional glasses or plates, to be washed as part of breakfast washing.
  10. Lodge Managers are required to order provisions required for the catering and housekeeping of the lodge. This ordering must be in line with the food budget specified.  Lodge administrator will supply details of suppliers withing the local area.
  11. Stocktake of all food and provisions, and an inventory of all equipment immediately upon commencement and at the conclusion of this contract.
  12. Food and housekeeping stocks should be regularly checked and replenished throughout the contract period. This should be done in an economic and responsible manner so that budgets are met and so that the members & guests are provided with the expected standard of care and catering.
  13. Goods ordered should be compared to the invoices presented to ensure that the
    invoices accurately reflect the goods received. All invoices should then be
    forwarded to the person nominated by the Board, who will attend to payment.

Member Arrivals & Departures

  1. Members & Guests can check into rooms from 2pm on the day of arrival. If members or guests arrive prior to this time they can store their luggage under the pool table in the games room until their room is available.  Managers can advise guests when their room is available
  2. Member & Guest must vacate their room by 10am on the day of departure. Guests can store their luggage under the pool table until departure.  Members and guests cannot utilise the showers in the lodge post their vacate time.
  3. Departing members & guests are required to vacuum, wipe down surfaces, strip beds and fold bedding for next arrivals.
  4. Ensure that incoming members and their guests are greeted with clean
    and tidy bedrooms. All rooms should have the appropriate linen placed within the rooms prior to arrive of members & guests.
  5. Members and guests are to be allocated accommodation in accordance with the booking manager’s instructions. Any departure from these instructions is to be reported to the booking manager.
  6. Managers are to write the group names on the whiteboard outside managers room on the day of arrival and to remain on the board whilst guests are staying.
  7. Members and guests should be encouraged to acquaint themselves
    with the house rules, fire drill etc. These are located in the guest books in each room

Lodge Maintenance & Facilities (season set up, close down & ongoing)

  1. Be familiar with, and have ready access to the lodge’s AED, all local emergency services, including but not limited to ambulance, medical, fire and ranger services. Ensure that all fire equipment is kept safe and in good condition, and that all fire exits are kept clear.
  2. Do all things as may be necessary to ensure the safekeeping of the building, plant and equipment.  However, if damage is caused to same (otherwise than as a result of your neglect of your responsibilities), then you will not be held responsible for the damage.

Season Set Up

  1. At the start and end of the season, check matrasses for bed bugs.
  2. Carpets to be steam cleaned throughout lodge – Speak with Booking Manager to arrange best time for this.
  3. Ensure all rooms have the correct bedding allocated
  4. Deep clean kitchen & set up kitchen
  5. Deep clean all guest bathrooms
  6. Check and order all housekeeping requirements

Season Pack Down

  1. Upon departure of Lodge at end of season, use provided checklist to
    clean, tidy & lock Lodge:
    . Ensure entry/ski/board storage area & drying room, clean & empty
    .         Ensure all fire exits kept clear.
    .         All rubbish to be disposed of.
    .         Fire place clean.
    .         All showers & toilets clean
    .         All linen laundered & stored in laundry.
    .         Doona covers & actual Doonas to be laundered.
    .         Clean Doona covers to be placed on laundered Doonas.
    .         Check mattresses for bed bugs
    .         Kitchen & other Fridges to be emptied & cleaned.
    .         Kitchen, Lounge, Dining & Games Rooms to be clean & tidy.
    .         Unused firewood to be stored neatly under Mogul.
    .         Leave electronic keypad on the front door on.
    .         All lights and electrical equipment to be turned off at the PowerPoints.
  • Main electricity supply is to be left on.

Lodge Social Media

  1. Posting regular updates of the Lodge’s Facebook and Instagram feeds.