Two Huts and a Hike: Fitzgerald’s, Kelly’s and Marms 

17 Slalom Street Falls Creek Victoria

Leaving the village of Falls Creek, ride out to the Langford’s aqueduct to a small SEC hut used during the construction of the Kiewa Valley Hydro Scheme.

Following the aqueduct, pass exquisite aqueduct lakes and wattle forests to find a hidden space to partake in morning tea. Continue to a small river crossing before arriving at the hike trail entry of Fitzgerald and Kelly Hut (built 1900) Hike to Fitzgerald's, Kelly's and Marm?s Point 1819 m to capture the soft blues of the Main Range of NSW. After soaking up the last pastures of the high plains return to Fitzgerald?s hike trailhead for the return journey back home along the Langford?s aqueduct.

This experience is provided by Falls Creek Guides