Fat Biking 

Windy Corner Falls Creek VIC

Fat Biking trails are now open at Falls Creek Fat Biking is the newest trend in both mountain biking and snowsports, combining the two with a specialised bike that is perfect for riding on snowy trails.

On a fat bike you can ride the entire network of groomed cross country ski trails.

Fat Bikes are currently not rented at Falls Creek, and need to be brought up the mountain. Bikes are able to only ride on groomed tracks when the temperature is a below 0°C. To ride on the cross country trails riders MUST give way to all skiers and ride in the middle of the trail only. Please note Fat Bikes are not permitted to be ridden within the village.


  • Groomed Trails Only
  • Temperature below 0°C
  • Give Way to all cross country ski traffic
  • No riding on track set
  • Wheels must be greater than 3.75
  • Trails free to access