Falls Creek Guides

Falls Creek Guides specialises in day hikes and overnight camping in summer months, and in winter the focus is ski touring to the hidden valleys that are just beyond the resort of Falls Creek. Their private group tours start and end at Pretty Valley Lodge, Falls Creek.

Tours include guide, lunch morning tea, packs and touring equipment in winter. Group ratios to guide is one to six.

Alps 360

For the competed adventurer this tour crosses the rocky valley dam to follow the big river fire trail up to the hiking trailheads of Mt Nelse 1882 m, Mt Nelse North 1884 m and Spion Kopje 1841 m. From the mantle of these three peaks, there is a clear 360’ view of the Australia’s Alps. Capturing the main range of Mt Kosciusko 2228 m, Mt Bogong 1996 m and Feathertop 1972 m. Lunch is set to occur on the rooftop of the Victorian Alps. The educational focus is on the botany of the high plains and animal species that thrive in this rarefied environment. There is a turn back time of 2.00 pm and in some cases, the time may not allow the reach to the summit of Spion Kopje.

Over Night Summer Tours

Looking for a unique and exciting way to spend your summer with friends or family? Look no further than Falls Creek’s overnight camping experience! With no minimum numbers required, this adventure is perfect for groups of all sizes.

Their expert guides will take you on a journey to a pre-made campsite, with the option to e-bike or hike your way there. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, they can venture further afield and provide you with all the necessary camping equipment.

They pride themselves on catering to all skill levels and interests. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a beginner, they’ll tailor the journey to your needs. Plus, if you have any specific interests or areas you’d like to explore, just let them know! They’re happy to customise the trip to meet your individual needs and ensure you have an unforgettable experience.

Falls Creek to Hotham and Shuttle Return

Falls Creek To Hotham in a day.

With Falls Creek Guides they provide a guide to pace and navigate the Cobungra Valley that exists between Falls Creek and Mt Hotham, a packed lunch, morning tea/coffee, transfer to pretty valley pondage and back from Mt Hotham to Falls Creek, backpacks and local knowledge make this tour a great day.

The crossing is a 23 kilometre hike that requires strong stamina and hiking experience. The 700 metre vertical climb up from Dibbin’s Hut is quite steep and climbs over a distance of 4.5 kilometres. The attraction to this trek is the iconic view of Feathertop, rugged bush trails, open plains that are frequented by native wildlife, brumbies and the challenge of making the trek in a day with the support of Falls Creek Guides and services.

Over Night Ski Tour Hidden Valley's of Tawonga Huts

In the morning after the evening briefing, the tour departs from Pretty Valley Ski Lodge with camping equipment and supplies for the overnight tour.

We will ski through the resort of Falls Creek to Ruined Castle lift where we will then enter the back country by following the Mc kay Loop Road down to Pretty Valley Pondage and historical cattle yards.

A gradual assent to the Ben Cooper memorial takes one and half hours before descending to our camp of Tawonga Huts, established by John Ryder sometime prior to 1888.

By utilising Tawonga Huts as our base camp, we will have two days to explore, selecting either the gentler or steeper terrain that surrounds Tawonga Huts under the peak Mt Jaithamathang, according to your ability, fitness level, weather and/or group wish.

On the second day the tour returns with a ski back down to Pretty Valley Pondage before ascending the Rocky Knolls to ski back into Falls Creek Resort and arrive at the iconic Falls Creek Hotel for a counter lunch overlooking the summit of Falls Creek.

Roper's Glimpse of Bogong

Leaving the village of Falls Creek, ride out to Watchbed Creek and start the ascend of the Big River Fire Trail. This is the same line used in the Hoppet International Cross-Country Race.

Arriving at the turn off to Mt Nelse hike out to embrace the view of the Main Range of NSW, whilst enjoying a morning tea. Then ride further towards the majesty of Mt Bogong and the lunch destination of Ropers Hut. This hut is surrounded by snow gums and has an exquisite river setting. After lunch return on the Big River Fire trail taking note of the abundant wildflowers that bloom with extra zealous in the valley behind Spion Kojpe. Arriving at Nelse Lodge by 3:30pm.

Sweeping Plains

The Sweeping Plains is a trek that demonstrates the diversity of the area from the almost sea-like moss beds and river systems that provide an essential part of the natural life system of the high plains. The tour enables four hut visits each having a variety of purposes from the Hydro scheme, tourism, and cattle. This tour is an easy ride with a light hike that gives a true example of just how large and diverse the High Country is.

Two Huts and a Hike: Fitzgerald’s, Kelly’s and Marms

Leaving the village of Falls Creek, ride out to the Langford’s aqueduct to a small SEC hut used during the construction of the Kiewa Valley Hydro Scheme. Following the aqueduct, pass exquisite aqueduct lakes and wattle forests to find a hidden space to partake in morning tea. Continue to a small river crossing before arriving at the hike trail entry of Fitzgerald and Kelly Hut (built 1900) Hike to Fitzgerald’s, Kelly’s and Marm’s Point 1819 m to capture the soft blues of the Main Range of NSW. After soaking up the last pastures of the high plains return to Fitzgerald’s hike trailhead for the return journey back home along the Langford’s aqueduct.

Hidden Valley Tawonga Huts Ski and Electric Bike Tour

Departing from Pretty Valley lodge on electric mountain bikes and touring packs, ride on the groomed ski trail to the top of Ruined Castle lift before descending to the Pretty Valley Hut and cattle yards that were first constructed in the 1930s.

The next stage is a one-tour ski tour up to the Ben Cooper Memorial. From the top of the Tawonga Hut Valley, the best lines and paths are selected for the morning touring.

Lunch is set in the surrounds of the Tawonga Hut which was constructed firstly by John Ryder. This hut was pulled down in 1888 by a horse that was tethered to the hut but was replaced that same year. A second hut was built in 1923. Currently, four huts exist on a site 250 metres south of the original site, set amongst ageless snow gums next to a small creek. The huts as a group are recognised as significant by the National Trust.

The Pure Loop

From Pretty Valley lodge use the ski lifts to arrive at the top of the Summit at Falls Creek. Descend gently down moon light ridge to road 24 taking in the valley view. Then tour up to the top of Mt McKay 1849 m. Skiing both sides of Mc Kay before moving out and over to the Rocky Knolls for our lunch destination hidden amongst 100 plus year-old snow gums. This is designed for the avid tourer that simply wants to tour and ski the day away. The educational element is on the development of the alpine ski area.

Mount Nelse Wild Ski, Trek and Ride

Departing from Pretty Valley lodge to Watch Bed Creek with E-bikes and ski packs to set up the accent of big River Fire Trail. The one-hour tour up to Mount Nelse is a gradual but delightful pathway to the exciting back country of Mt Nelse and Mt Nelse north.

On this tour the lunch destination is Edmondson’s Hut that is nestled in magnificent snow gums that date back centuries. The ski touring is blue terrain and provides a true test of skiing skills and knowledge, whilst overlooking the spectacular main range of NSW.

Back Country Fridays

Get foot loose on Fridays with a two hour back country tour. It is a great chance to dispel any myths about the back country, have a good yak with new friends and become a back country touring monster as you improve your climbing style, descents and mountain craft.

Easy Glider Panorama, Rocky Knolls and Moon Light Ridge

Designed for the first-time ski tourer to stretch out into the wonderful world of backcountry skiing. Travel up Halley’s chair to the side terrain of Drovers Dream. The first descent is the gentle terrain that follows the original panorama poma line down towards the Rocky Valley Dam. At the base, learn touring techniques and climb back up into the resort. Then ski-out to Ruined Castle to tour the area of the Rocky Knolls before breaking for lunch in the snow gums. Two more ascents on the rocky knolls provide the perfect first introduction to ski touring. Then returning to Nelse lodge via Scott chair.

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