Community Gym 

Downstairs at QT Falls Creek, Slalom Plaza Falls Creek

Falls Creek has a moderately sized community gym with memberships and casual use options for all visits. The community gym is easily found 2 doors down from Foodworks Supermarket in the St.

Falls complex (Slalom Plaza) and is open from 6:00am to 10:30pm every day. Access is by combination which is provided upon payment. Memberships for the gym can be obtained by visiting the next-door Visitor Information Centre - located near Foodworks on the Bogong High Plains Road.

The gym is well equipped with rowing and cross country machines, stationery bikes and treadmills. There is also a good selection of weights equipment for strength training. Membership fees help us to maintain and upgrade the community facility. Guests are asked to please consider others by keeping it clean, tidy and replacing all equipment (particularly weights) after use.



  • Single Visit - $25
  • Weekly - $60
  • Season - (Winter: June-Oct) (Summer: Nov-May) - $210
  • Annual (12 Months) - $300

To join the gym for a casual or regular basis, please fill out the Application Form >

Gym Rules & Regulations
  • Smoking or eating are not permitted in the gym or the building at any time.
  • All members and guests are required to remove all rubbish. There is a bin in the foyer or take your personal rubbish with you on departure.
  • The door combination will be changed weekly. Do not offer this combination to any non-members. If you have friends who wish to use the facility please direct them to the Resort Management office during office hours.
  • Random checks will be carried out on those using this facility. Anyone allowing access to non-members will have their membership revoked immediately.
  • If you are the last member to leave the building, please ensure all windows are secured locked, lights are off and combination locked door is closed firmly.
  • Falls Creek Resort Management will conduct security checks on the building from 9pm nightly. Please assist staff by vacating the building before 10.30pm.
  • Random checks will be conducted nightly. Any person 'camping out' in the facility will be considered as trepassing and their presence alerted to Falls Creek Police.
  • All members are required to sign in and out every time they use the gym. This allows Falls Creek Resort Management to gauge the popularity of the facility for potential future refurbishment and expansion. Comments are also welcome.
  • The gym is a community facility. Please respect other members by replacing all equipment after use and assisting to keep the gym clean and tidy.
  • Falls Creek Resort Management and Falls Creek Alpine Resort Management Board do not accept any responsibility for injuries occasioned by failure to adhere to this code of conduct or any other injury or loss.
  • Members use this facility at their own risk.