Flower of the Alpine Sun Public Art Installation

Falls Creek Gateway Major Public Art Commission
Winner / Giovanni Veronesi
Flower of the Alpine Sun, 2018

Falls Creek Alpine Resort has a long history of engaging with and supporting the arts. The village has previously supported cultural events including artist camps, exhibitions, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the Falls Creek Museum. It continues to support a summer artist-in-residence program which has seen many well-known artists creating new work in the area.

In 2018, led by the Falls Creek Arts and Cultural Development Committee and guided by the Falls Creek Arts and Culture Strategy 2016-2021, the Resort announced plans to commission a new major public art installation through the Falls Creek Gateway Public Art Commission. The project sought to:

  • boost year-round visitation to the Resort and enhance the visitor experience
  • highlight the beauty and delicate nature of the alpine environment through the expression of the artwork
  • complement and build on the existing and much-loved arts and cultural assets throughout Falls Creek.

An open public tender process was convened by the Falls Creek Arts and Cultural Development Committee, in conjunction with the Melbourne Prize Trust, seeking applications for a new major public artwork in Falls Creek. A curatorial panel of contemporary art experts, including the director of the Benalla Art Gallery, oversaw a competitive two-stage EOI process that attracted over 35 applications from artists across Australia. Internationally renowned artist Giovanni Veronesi’s ambitious work, Flower of the Alpine Sun, was selected as the winning commission.

Veronesi’s sculpture, Flower of the Alpine Sun, will operate as a majestic public viewing platform consisting of a golden orb; part sun, part flower. In each season the work will manifest a different aspect of the surrounding peaks and valleys, creating a contemplative space for reflection on Falls Creek’s delicate alpine ecology and the changing climate. Flower of the Alpine Sun will be located in a prominent position that will provide a unique walking experience for all abilities. Flower of the Alpine Sun will be the only significant piece of fine art within the Australian Alps, and more broadly will be one of the most substantial pieces of public fine art within regional Australia.

The economic benefits of cultural tourism to local economies are well documented, and this project will contribute to the local visitor economy by encouraging year-round visitation. The nature of this installation will provide Falls Creek with the opportunity to educate visitors about the beauty and fragility of Victoria’s alpine environment, through onsite information and a broader engagement program.

Design development, phase one of the project, has been successfully completed and the project is currently in the design development finalisation and planning permit application phase. To reach the current design development phase the project has been funded by the Falls Creek Alpine Resort Management Board, the Falls Creek Historical Society and individual contributions. The extensive planning and design phase has been successful due to the generous work and contributions from these community contributors.

Funding has now been secured to progress the final design phase activities, project construction and installation. This final stage will involve the establishment of a project management team to oversee.

To keep up to date as this exciting project progresses, keep an eye on our website. For more information about Giovanni Veronesi and his award-winning design, visit his website.

Images as attached from Giovanni’s website: Credited - diorama.eu, Giovanni Veronesi.