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The Snowclub program is a great starting point for your child’s first skiing experience or a platform to progress their skills and love of skiing. Snowclub caters for children from 3 years of age with professional caring staff and a fun filled atmosphere.

Based in the special children’s terrain park, kids will enjoy a day of tuition, fun, games, surprise visits from Pete the Snow Dragon and fully catered lunch* and snacks. Please note Snowclub offers skiing only, snowboarding is offered for ages 6 and up via the Junior Workshop program.


For the first day of your lesson you will need a completed Registration Rorm to check in. It is best to pre-fill this to avoid delays.

You don't need to buy your child a Lift Pass (as this is included in the Renault Snowclub program) but your child will need a Snow Pass ($5) with a SNowclub product pre-loaded. You can fo this e at the Slalom Plaza Ticket Box or via the estore.

On the day of the lesson you need your child suited up with appropriate snow gear, gloves, goggles, skis, boots and helmet (if you are renting make sure you organise this at least the night before).

Download Snowclub 4 Kids Registration Form >


The Snowclub building is at the far end of Cloud 9 - head left when you disembark the Falls Express Chairlift. You can ride Falls Express without skis on and our attendants are on hand to ensure safe loading of you and your child.

Parents or guardians are able to accompany their child onto the lift for pickup and dropoff regardless if they are skiing or not.


Full Day and Morning Programs (These include lunch) commence at 10:00am with registration from 9:15am. Single lessons commence at 10:00am and 1:30pm (but these don't include lunch).

Please make sure you check in at least  15 minutes before the start of your child's program/lesson - 30 minutes if it is your child's first day. Joining the Falls Express line in Slalom Plaza 30 minutes before the lesson start should give you enough time.

ProgramArrive fromCommencePickup
Full Day (with lunch)9:15am10:00am2:50pm
Half Day (with lunch)9:15am10:00am12:50pm
Morning (no lunch)9:15am10:00am11:50pm
Afternoon (no lunch)1:15pm1:30pm2:50pm
Half DayFull Day
1 Day$143$168
2 Days$273$323
3 Days$393$468
4 Days$504$604
5 Days (of 7)$607$732
6 Days (of 8)$697$847
7 Days (of 9)$754$929
Extra Days$57$92


  • Full Day and Half Day Programs commence at 10:00am with check in from 9:15am
  • Upgrade to a Full Day for $25
  • 2 Day to 4 Day Snowclub Programs valid for consecutive days only
  • 5+ day Snowclub products allow for 2 rest days
  • Lunch included in both Full Day and Half Day Programs.
  • Any standard of skier catered for.
  • Snow Pass required for this product. Cost $5.00
1 Day$95$95
2 Days$189$189
3 Days$257$257
4 Days$342$342
5 Days (of 7)$427$427
6 Days (of 8)$511$511
7 Days (of 9)$596$596
Extra Days$85$85
  • Morning Lesson commences 10:00am with registration from 9:15am
  • Afternoon Lesson commences 1:30pm with registration from 1:15pm
  • 2 Day to 4 Day Group Lessons valid for consecutive days only
  • 5+ dayGroup Lessons allow for 2 rest days
  • Any standard of skier catered for
  • Lift Pass or Season pass required for lessons - these are available free for children aged 3-5 years
  • Snow Pass required for this product. Cost $5.00

We have never skied before and trying it for the first time.


SUPER STOPPERS - Snowplow Stop
We can stop strongly using a triangle. We will learn to control our speed and make turns.

 WOMBAT RAMBLERS - Snowplow Turns
We can link turns all the way down Wombats Ramble. We will learn to refine turns and use a smaller triangle.


We can ski easy blue runs like Highway 83 with refined snowplow turns. We will learn to match our skis at the end of the turn.


We can ski all the easy blue runs and are matching our skis between turns. We will learn to ski parallel as we explore the whole mountain

Please note - All children need to be at least 3 years of age and completely toilet trained to attend any of our snow sport programs. If your child is 2 years old and would like to give skiing a try, this can be arranged via a private lesson. To book a private lesson phone the Ski School on 03 5758 1070 during winter.

Call Renault Snowclub on
(03) 5758 1070 for enquiries