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The Falls Creek Artist-In-Residence program povides an opportunity for artists, designers, academics and creative individuals or groups to take time away from their usual obligations and draw from the unique features of Victoria's pristine alpine environment, to reflect, research and develop creative ideas. 
More information can be found by downloading the Artist-In-Residence Expression of Interest form here
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Falls Creek Historical Society maintains an exciting collection of historical artefacts and information that celebrates the unique history of Falls Creek.

The Museum collection is currently housed and displayed in the Panabode building in Slalom Plaza, Falls Creek.

Opening hours vary, please visit the Museum website for more information. 



Over the years Falls Creek Resort Management has been gifted a number of unique artists works, which are proudly on display around Falls Creek Village.

Artists such as Peter Bennets, Cameron Robbins, David H. Thomas, Anna Ephrahim and Peter Walsh are amongst artists who have gifted their works.

Most of these works can be found hanging in  Falls Creek Resort Management Board Room of St Falls West, and on display in the Village. 


There are a number of exciting arts and cultural events happening at Falls Creek in both winter and summer, including live music, artist camps, photography workshops, film festivals and fireworks displays.  

Check out Falls Creek's events homepage for more information. 


“Culture is not created by government, but enabled by it. Culture is created by community.”

Creative Australia, National Culture Policy 2013


Falls Creek Resort Management’s Arts and Culture Strategy is now available.  A copy of this Strategy is available to download or via flipbook below. To enquire about current projects and opportunities being evaluated by the Arts & Culture Commmittee please contact Resort Management via: