Village Walkways

Everything at Falls Creek is within walking distance

Walking the roads of the village during winter is a great way to get some exercise and fresh air whilst getting to know the lodges, cafes and hidden gems. To help you get around, there are some convenient walkways that link the roads.

Falls Creek, Fast Track Walkways

ATS Terminal to Schuss St

This elevated walkway connects the Accommodation Transfer Service Terminal to Frueauf Village via the Man Hotel. It is the easiest way to get from the Bogong High Plains Rd to the centre or top of the village.

Wide treads and low risers enable easy two-way passage for guests and the stairs include excellent handrail lighting in all conditions.

Schuss St to Village Bowl

This steel and timber walkway begins at the end of Schuss St (at the top of the village) and takes you through to Be Foodstore in the Village Bowl.

Making your way to and from the Village Bowl from the top of the village is easiest with this walkway.

Slalom St to Arlberg St

This walkway runs alongside Halleys Ski Hire (opposite Christie Street) and takes you up a steel stairway running beside Icicles Lodge to Arlberg Street, opposite Kilimanjaro Apartments.

Bogong High Plains Rd to Snow Gums Lane

This handy staircase connects the main road (Bogong High Plains Rd) to accommodation on Snow Gums Lane. it is located about 50 metres uphill from the Police Station.