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The Teen Academy is purpose built to cater for those in-between years, kids aged 13 - 17, too old for the kid programs but not quite ready for the adult programs. Run by our expert instructors, the program works to keep teenagers engaged and enjoying skiing and snowboarding with kids their own age.



In most cases  you don't need to buy a Lift Pass as this is included in the Teen Academy program (see pricing below) but your will need a Snow Pass ($5) with a Teen Academy product pre-loaded. You can do this at the Slalom Plaza Ticket Box or via the estore.

On the day of the lesson you need to be suited up with appropriate snow gear, gloves, goggles, skis/snowboard, boots and helmet (if you are renting make sure you organise this at least the night before).


Check-in is at the Junior Academy grading flags in front of Cloud 9 at the top of the Falls Express Chairlift. You can ride Falls Express without skis.


Full Day and Morning Programs (These include lunch) check-in at 9:45am. Afternoon Single lessons check-in at 1:20pm (but these don't include lunch).

Please make sure you check in at least  15 minutes before the start of your program/lesson. Joining the Falls Express line in Slalom Plaza 30 minutes before the lesson start should give you enough time.

ProgramArrive fromCommenceConclude
Full Day (with lunch & lift pass)9:45am10:00am2:50pm
Half Day (with lunch & lift pass)9:45am10:00am1:20pm
Afternoon Lesson (with lift pass)1:20pm1:30pm2:50pm
Afternoon Lesson (without lift pass)1:20pm1:30pm2:50pm
Half DayFull Day
1 Day$143 $168
2 Days$273 $323
3 Days$393 $468
4 Days$504 $604
5 Days (of 7) $607 $732
6 Days (of 8)$697 $847
7 Days (of 9)$754 $929
Extra Days$57 $92


  • Full Day and Half Day Programs commence at 10:00am with grading from 9:45am
  • Upgrade half day  to a full day for $25 per day
  • 2 Day to 4 Day Junior Workshop Programs valid for consecutive days only
  • 5+ day Junior Workshop Programs allow for 2 rest days
  • Lunch and Lift Pass included in both Full Day and Half Day Programs
  • Any standard of skier or snowboarder catered for
  • Reloadable RFID Media card required for this product. Cost $5.00
  • All Snowsports School lesson products will require you to choose your lesson time and specify if you are skiing or snowboarding. During peak periods, 10.00am group lessons are subject to availability.
1 Day $95$70
2 Days$189 $140
3 Days$257 $210
4 Days$342$280
5 Days (of 7)$427$350
6 Days (of 8)$511$420
7 Days (of 9)$596 $470
Extra Days $85 N/A
  • Afternoon Lesson commences 1:30pm with grading from 1:20pm
  • 2 Day to 4 Day Group Lessons valid for consecutive days only
  • 5+ dayGroup Lessons allow for 2 rest days
  • Any standard of skier or snowboarder catered for
  • Valid Lift Pass or Season pass is required for lessons - this can be included or not included in the price of your lesson
  • Snow Pass required for this product. Cost $5.00

If you're new to skiing you'll learn about your equipment, how to move around, balance and glide, and how to snowplough stop.

We will learn the basic skills needed to start riding, including getting mobile and side slipping



We can snow plough stop and would like to learn to snow plough turn on green terrain. We can snow plough turn on green terrain and would like to learn how to match the skis parallel. We are comfortable on Green terrain and would like to try a blue.

We can sideslip on one or both edges. We will further develop balance on both edges, and develop direction and speed control. We can do falling leaf and traverse across the hill on both edges, and do a controlled stop. We will learn/ improve single turns on both edges.



We can make stem Christie turns on most blue runs like Main Street and Hwy 83. We will learn how to ski open parallel turns. We can make open parallel turns on blue terrain. Once making parallel terns and using our poles on all blue runs we will begin to ski comfortable on groomed black runs. We will learn a variety of parallel turns.

We can do single turns on both edges or some linked turns.We will learn/improve our linked turns on green runs. We can link turns on green runs. We will learn to refine our riding technique on blue runs. When ready, we can try some basic freestyle and the Terrain Park.



We can make carved turns on blue and black terrain. We will learn how to ski in varied snow conditions. We will work on skill development, tactics and versatility at a high level.

We can make strong parallel turn and can ski black terrain in all conditions. We will then learn to ski the race course, bumps and all terrain in any snow conditions. We will be fine tuning skills at the highest level. Carved turns through to expert skiing.

We can ride blue terrain with refined techniques. We will learn to ride steeper terrain and learn switch, flat-land tricks, basic carving and basic Terrain Park including etiquette.

We can turn confidently on black terrain, ride switch on green runs and are competent in hitting basic Terrain Park features. We will develop:
- Advance Freestyle - kickers, rails and advanced boxes
- Advanced Freeride - off-piste, powder, tree runs and bumps
- Advanced Carving - dynamic carving technique.


Call Falls Creek Snowsports on
(03) 5758 1070 for enquiries