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Trail Running

Bogong High Plains, Falls Creek, Victoria, 3699MAP

    Falls creek offers an extensive 45km network of on-grade running trails in and around the resort.

    Falls Creek is a unique offering when it comes to alpine trail running. Combining a diverse range of trails with its beautifully appointed village and iconic tourist landmarks, Falls Creek brings together accessibility and convenience with challenging rewards for all abilities. The trails at Falls range from flat well-manicured walking and vehicle tracks to rugged and remote singletracks through extreme alpine terrain. Heritage sites like Wallace’s and Cope Huts join the spectacular features of Rocky Valley Lake, Mt McKay and Frying Pan Spur in an enviable sightseeing aspect to the trail offering. To be part of the group, run in Falls during January when the cream of elite Australian distance running come to take advantage of the cool climate and 1600m+ altitude training benefits.


    Runs from Falls Creek:

    Aqueduct Trail
    Starting from Frueauf Village follow Ory’s Trail to the aqueduct (100m), turning left onto the aqueduct trail to the Bogong High Plains (BHP) Road (1.3km).

    Ropers Lookout
    From the end of the aqueduct, follow BHP Rd to Rocky Valley Lake and cross the dam wall then turn left onto Roper’s Lookout track (2.8km). Continue to the base of Roper’s lookout (4.2km). Retracing the route on return. This is a flat and fairly easy run. Otherwise you can continue beyond the base of Roper’s lookout to the lookout point. This is a steep path with great views. Retrace the route to return.

    Longer trails
    Run along the BHP Rd for about 300m then follow the signs to Mt McKay. Turn left onto Pretty Valley Road and continue to Pretty Valley Hut. Turn left after the creek and follow the dirt trail past Mt Cope untill you rejoin the BHP Rd.

    • Go left running along BHP Rd to Langford’s gap (21km)
    • Turn right onto BHP Rd down to Langford’s Right Aqueduct, turn right to Langford’s gap (30km)
    • Continue on BHP Rd back to Fall’s Creek village (about 36km)


    Runs from Langford’s Gap:

    Langford’s Gap is approximately 6km from Falls Creek Village. There are two aqueducts that emanate from this point:

    Right Aqueduct:

    • An easy flat run past the scout hut (4km) to the BHP Road (17km)
    • 3km from the start of the aqueduct, turn right towards Wallace Hut and the BHP Road, turn right again back to Langford’s Gap (8km)
    • Run past the scout hut to the top of the hill, turn right and continue past Cope Hut to BHP Rd, turn right again and follow the BHP Rd back to Langford’s Gap (11km)

    Left Aqueduct:

    The left aqueduct is a flat trail with two minor creek crossings, follow the channel to its end (7km).

    • At the top of a small hill (4km), prior to a creek crossing, turn left climbing for 3km to run the BHP track/Spion Kopje trail, take the rocky downhill path through a gate, to BHP Rd. Turn left returning to Langford’s Gap (12km)
    • At the end of the aqueduct go to the top of the hill and turn left along a grass track to Fitzgerald’sHut. Rejoin the path and cross the Bogong High Plains, veering left onto Marm’s Point trail/Spion Kopje trail. Run down the hill and turn left onto BHP Road and back along the road to Langford’s Gap 16+km)