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A Taste of Thai

Bazaar, 17 Bogong High Plains Rd, Falls Creek, Victoria, 3699MAP

  • Food and Wine
  • 28 Aug 2019  18:00 23:00

There are not too many places around in Falls Creek where you will find a delicious array of food that will have you stuffed for dinner and well into the next day. That is, unless, you are a Pad Thai-hard.

Being one of the most popular cuisine in the world, Bazaar is sporting the always tasty, always plentiful and always sensational Thai feast that will make you thankful you do not have to travel far at all.

Walking into this vibrant, exciting marketplace, the authentic Thai street food dishes are huge, irresistibly delicious and quite simply, a tastebud-party. Some may say it is Thai-riffic. The mission is to create the taste of Thai that will have you linger over every delicious mouthful and enjoying the critique of intricate flavour and cooking finesse with the poise and consideration of Matt Preston himself.

Promising your favourite meats, a thaidalwave of delicious fresh sides, and specialties that will certainly bring the spice. With a cool vibe, smooth tunes and a focus on divine dishes, the whole experience will be fresh, fresh, fresh.

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