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Falls Creek Resort Management has implemented new regulations to administer, manage and control the permitted access of dogs in Falls Creek.


The Alpine Resort (Management) Regulations 2009 provide the regulatory framework for the control of dogs within Falls Creek Alpine Resort.

Unfettered access by animals can result in risks to the public, hygiene risks, adverse aesthetics, danger to wildlife and the disruption of native ecosystems. For these reasons it is important to have regulatory controls and mitigate the negative impacts of dogs in the Resort.

Falls Creek's dog policy has recently changed. New dog permit regulations now apply including stricter criteria relating to those dogs who are eligible for registration.

Only those dogs meeting the criteria will be eligible for a permit.

Additionally, new measures relating to control and management of dogs within Falls Creek have been implemented.

Registered owners are expected to know these regulations and abide by them or face penalties as set out in the dog policy. People who are found with an unregistered dog in the Resort will also face penalties as set out in the Dog Policy.

Please see the new policy right and application to keep a dog in the Resort.