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Falls Creek, BFF Plan

Bring a First-timer to Learn to Ski or Snowboard in Falls Creek for FREE in September in 2017.

This September, you can turn a friend into a lover of snowsports forever. Buy any adult lift pass valid in September and you can bring a friend or family member to Falls Creek for their first time skiing or snowboarding for FREE.

Falls Creek, The BFF Plan

During September in 2017, you can bring a first-timer with you to learn to ski for FREE.

Your first timer friend will receive a Learn to Ski/Board Ticker so long as they come with somebody who has a valid lift pass.

The Learn to Ski/Board Ticket includes a 2 hour beginner group lesson, all day use (1 Day) of Falls Creek’s best beginner lifts, and 1 day of ski or snowboard rental. If you ask nicely, we’ll also throw in 1 day rental on waterproof ski jacket and pants 🙂

BFF Plan 2017

Valid DatesSeptember 2017
Lift AccessHalleys Comet, Gully, Eagle, Mouse Trap, Monkey Bar and Boardwalk
Rental included1 Day Skis & Poles/Snowboard, Boots, Jacket & Pants
Lesson2 Hour Beginner Lesson - 12:30pm

Terms & Conditions:

  • Anybody with an adult lift pass valid for the day can introduce a first-timer, children from 6 and up. This includes Hero Pass Six-day-any-day and Five-day-any-day Pass holders but they must be skiing on the same day.
  • Snow Pass membership is a condition of purchase and redemption. That is, both the referring guest and the referred guest need to be or become Snow Pass members
  • Limit of one per customer, i.e. a guest can only be referred once. In addition, guests can only refer one other person on any one day (or on any one visit if they’ve purchased a multi-day pass). And a guest can never refer the person who referred them. Snow Pass membership should make it possible to note referrals and referrers on guests’ profiles.
  • Subject to availability (i.e. Snowsports Instructor capacity)
  • Can’t be used with any other offer (e.g. White Space discount packages)
  • Level 1 lesson only, i.e. the person has to be a first-timer, absolute beginner. If they don’t attend the lesson, the pass is cancelled.
  • The person must attend and complete the first-timer lesson in the morning, otherwise the pass will be stopped, barring access to all lifts.