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Falls Creek's village shuttle service operates daily during the declared snow season. 


Dedicated shuttle services operate every day of the declared snow season along two designated routes. Shuttles operate between 8:00am to 5:30pm and are free to access. 

Visitors are welcome to ride the shuttle but due to space restrictions no luggage is allowed but skis, snowboards and shopping bags. 

In some instances passenger preference may be given to families with young children and the mobility impaired.

  • JUNE 6 - SEPTEMBER 27, 2015
  • 8:00AM - 5:30PM


Shuttles run along the Bogong High Plains Rd (main road car parking is on) with three stops:

  1. Gateway Cafe (Gully Chairlift Bottom)
  2. QT Falls Creek (Slalom Plaza)
  3. Nordic Centre (Windy Corner Car park)

Shuttles loop between stops during hours of operation. Under normal conditions wait times should be no longer than 20 minutes. If you encounter a longer wait please contact Visitor Information on 5758 1202.

*Please note this shuttle is strictly for transport of visitors and ski/snowboard equipment only. For transport of luggage from your vehicle please see the Accommodation Transfer Service page.

Find out more about Accommodation Transfer Service >


A regular shuttle operates within the village taking visitors along a loop from Slalom Plaza to the Village Bowl and then Frueauf Village. Shuttle Stops in order are:

  1. Pretty Valley Lodge (Slalom Plaza)
  2. Ripparoo Lodge / Huski Apartments
  3. Albury Ski Club
  4. Snow Ski Apartments (Village Bowl)
  5. CSIR Ski Club
  6. Koki Alpine Resort
  7. Frueaf Village

Shuttles loop from Slalom Plaza to the Village Bowl, to Frueauf Village and back to Slalom Plaza. Under normal conditions visitors should not encounter a wait of more than 35 minutes.

*Please note this shuttle can become quite busy during peak periods and typically between 4:30pm and 5:30pm. Visitors are urged to become acquainted with the home trail that leads  closest to their accommodation to avoid congestion and wait times when returning home at the close of lifts.


There are easy ways to ski or snowboard back to your accommodation and avoid the need to use the Village Shuttle Service.

Village Bowl Precinct & Falls Creek Road: 

Take the Green run "Broadway" by heading away from Cloud 9 under the Falls Express lift line.  Beginners may prefer to get to the junction for Broadway via "Rudi's Trail".

If you are in the Scott Chairlift region you can get to Broadway by taking "Day's End" heading underneath the Eagle Chair.

Slalom Plaza Precinct:

Take the Green run  "Wombats Ramble" by heading toward Drovers Dream from Cloud 9. This will take you direct to Slalom Plaza and the final stretch borders the back of the upper properties on Snowgums Lane.

Schuss & Parallel St Precinct:

Take Broadway as if heading to the Village Bowl. Just before the Eagle Chair, Ory's Trail takes you to the top end of the village. Ory's trail is a bit steeper and narrower that Broadway so beginners may like to take their skis or board off to walk down.