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Summit Chair Open

July 17,2015 In Snow

It’s been a week to savour at Falls Creek with 42cm of fresh snow earlier in the week topped up by another 14 in the past 2 days. With slumping and so on to account for we are now sitting on over half a metre of natural snow (52cm for the bean counters). In other news.. Summit Chair also opened for the first time yesterday!

There were plenty of powder stashes to be found on the slopes and in amongst the Y’s for those keen to brave the (very) cold temps for first rides on the Summit and set to be plenty more on offer today. The clouds are set to clear and the weekend is looking like an absolute pearler. We don’t like to make bold calls like this but we are likely looking at the weekend of the season (so far) so if you are umm-ing and aah-ing, it’s time to cut the procrastination and make your move to get on up tomorrow!

It’s going to be one to remember…

Pic: Chris Hocking