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Snowguns Put Through Their Paces

April 07,2016 In Snow

Falls Creek took a brief fast forward to winter this morning as snowmaking equipment was fired up with a test run for the upcoming snow season.

As the days grow shorter and the temperatures drop, thoughts turn to snow in the alps. Today’s test run was a positive sign resort operations are ready to pounce when it is time to start helping mother nature develop a solid snow base for winter 2016.

Falls Creek Ski Lifts Mountain Operations manager Karl Nowakowski said “We had the big yellow Techno Alpin snow cannon firing in Slalom Plaza this morning, which was a sight to see. We’ve now commissioned the system, and we’ll be ready to take advantage of opportunities to make snow and build a base for the season ahead.”

Falls Creek has a well-earned reputation for reliable snow. The resort’s high alpine location brings significant natural snowfalls, and snow-hugging, largely south-facing slopes help to retain that snow longer. Despite this, Mother Nature still receives a helping hand from the snowmaking team. The result is reliable skiing and snowboarding all season long.

“Our massive snowmaking system is able to generate quality, man-made snow at the flick of a switch in the right conditions, ideally clear nights with low temperature and low humidity,” says Karl Nowakowski. “And because we can draw water in a virtuous closed-circle loop from the largest alpine lake in Australia, our snowmaking capacity is almost limitless.

Falls Creek is often the first alpine resort to open for skiing and snowboarding in Victoria and the last to close. Resort operations are optimistic season 2016 will be no different.