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Falls Creek, Renault Snow Angels

Meet the Renault Snow Angels. Look out for us, and we'll look out for you.


Falls Creek is proud to be recognized as Australia’s friendliest mountain, known for our enthusiastic and energetic mountain staff who are always happy to assist you in making your holiday at the snow a memorable experience.

Around the mountain you will notice Guest Services representatives wearing green coloured Falls Creek jackets and Renault Snow Angel bibs, they can provide you with an answer to any mountain query you may have during your visit or even take a photo of the whole family for you.

Next time you're out on the slopes and see Guest Services stop and have a quick chat with a local to grab some inside knowledge about where to go for dinner or which run to take next.


If it's your first time with us at Falls Creek, we want you to love it the way that we do. And there's no better way to get acquainted with the mountain than by taking a free Mountain Orientation Tour with a friendly and experienced Renault Snow Angel.

Meet a Renault Snow Angel at the bottom of Halleys Comet to begin your tour, times below:
Saturday, Monday & Wednesday, 11:00am
Sunday, 2:30pm