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Falls Creek's Ski Patrol are the first people on the slopes each morning and the last off the hill at the end of the day. It’s their job to monitor mountain safety and ensure your alpine experience is as safe as possible. 


A lot goes into making Falls Creek safe for skiing and snowboarding, and some things you may not even be aware of. From assessing the runs each morning to  ensuring the slopes are clear at the end of the day, Ski Patrol are hard at work before the first light of dawn well beyond the call for last lifts. In-between open and close a Patrollers work includes everything from identifying hazards and assessing conditions to rescues, medical emergencies and incident response on the skifields.

All Falls Creek Ski Patrollers are trained professionals  and are qualified to deal with any emergency that may arise. There are inherent dangers involved with skiing and snowboarding and Ski Patrol are your best friend should you find yourself in need of assistance.

Look out for Falls Creek's Ski Patrollers in their distinctive red and white jackets as you make your way around the skifields. They are never far away!


If you find yourself in need of Ski Patrol you can contact them in a number of ways

  1. Call 5758 1234 - this will connect you to the emergency Patrol dispatch hotline
  2. Ask a lift attendant to radio for Ski Patrol - there will be an attendant at the top and bottom of each operating lift
  3. You can also head to Ski Patrol base - this is located at the top of the Monkey Bar Poma (inbetween Cloud 9 and Scotts Chair)

If there is a person involved in an accident and/or with a suspected injury on the slopes, take a pair of skis and create a cross several metres uphill of the injured person. If there are only snowboards on hand you should lay these upside down uphill of the person. This will assist Ski Patrol in locating you and alert other skiers and snowboarders to keep clear of the injured person.