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Lock in 2016 Prices for a 2017 Resort Entry Season Permit

Score a PRICE FREEZE on 2016 Resort Entry Pricing

From now until December 16th pay a $99 deposit and FREEZE the price of your 2017 Resort Entry Season Permit at $295 – the same price as 2016 Early Bird sales. 

This is the cheapest price a 2017 Resort Entry Season Permit will be offered* and the balance of $196 is not payable until March 31, 2017.

Price Freeze is the NEW Early Bird Sale

The Price Freeze Permit is replacing  the usual Early Bird Sale so this is the one to get on board with. With 2017 Season Permit prices set to rise on last year's prices a Price Freeze Permit is definitely the cheapest option available. *

Price Freeze permits are available online only  and sales will close at 5pm on December 16thThis is your only chance to score a discount Resort Entry Permit so don't miss out!

*Over 65 discount permits will be available for eligible visitors in 2017  at a cheaper  price to this promotion


*Over 65 discount permits will still be available for season 2017 but will cost more than a Price Freeze Permit


Once You have paid the $99 deposit the remaining $196 will be payable on March 31st, 2017. This will be an automatic direct debit made on the same  credit card used to make the initial deposit.

Purchasers will need to ensure the card is still valid and there are sufficient funds for the balance to be deducted as the Permit will not be issued until this balance is paid in full. There are no refunds on the deposit if the payment does not go through so make sure you get in touch with Falls Creek Resort Management on (03) 5758 1202 if you need to change your card details.

Please see the full terms and conditions below


Price Freeze Permit Holders will still be able to access an All Resorts Season Permit for entry to Mt Hotham, Mt Buller, Lake Mountain, Mt Stirling and Mt Baw Baw.

Simply purchase your Price Freeze Permit and an upgrade option will be made available to you. Pricing will be advised closer to the 2017 Snow Season

Terms and Conditions



  • First instalment is deducted from customer’s credit/debit card immediately. Permit is only issued once second instalment is paid and therefore permit is paid for in full.
  • Second and final payment is deducted automatically from the provided registered credit/debit card used when making the first instalment on the date indicated.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to update FCRM of any changes to credit/debit card details to ensure second automatic payment proceeds successfully.
  • If the credit/debit card on record is cancelled, expired, has insufficient funds, etc, the customer is required to contact FCRM to provide new card details before the second instalment is due to ensure successful final payment.


  • If final payment fails, permit will not be issued and no refund of first instalment will be granted.
  • Permit only applies to the declared winter season indicated.
  • Dates during which the permits are offered for sale is subject to change and is at the discretion of FCRM.
  • Applies to purchases made on-line via the web sales portal only.
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounted or promotional offers (eg. over 65 discount)
  • Product purchased is a standard vehicle Resort Entry Season Permit.
  • All conditions of purchase and Resort Entry Season Permit terms and conditions apply.
Call (03) 5758 1202 for more information