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Monorail Plans Announced

April 01,2016 In Snow


Falls Creek has announced bold plans to install the decommissioned Sydney Monorail.

Out of use since 2013, the Monorail’s future has remained in limbo as owners have searched for a new home for the former tourist attraction. Discussions with Falls Creek have proved successful with the resort confirming today that its popular alpine village will become the monorail’s new home.

Resort spokesman Lyle Lanley says the monorail is the perfect fit for Falls Creek.

“Falls Creek is the only resort in Australia with a full ski-in ski-out village. Installing the monorail high above the streets is the ideal solution for moving visitors around without affecting the snow on the ground.”

“Initially the monorail will serve to link up key nodes of the village for visitor access but there are future plans to extend the service to Mount Beauty.”

Successful monorail installations in the Northern Hemisphere have paved the way for this ground-breaking decision.

Lanley said “In recent years we’ve seen monorails implemented at resorts in Brockway, Ogdenville and North Haverbrock and it’s certainly put them on the map.”

Noise and safety concerns around the monorail’s operation have been raised and proven to be unfounded says Lanley.

“As residents of Sydney will attest the monorail glides as softly as a cloud and structural engineers have assured there is simply no chance the track could bend.”

With installation due to commence in the coming weeks it is envisaged the first loop of the Falls Creek Monorail will be scheduled to run on the Ski Season opening Weekend of June 11.