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International Poma Derailed

August 05,2015 In Snow

International Poma has been rendered temporarily closed for urgent maintenance.

Around lunch time on Sunday the popular poma's cable was derailed at Tower 9, commonly known as "The Corner". The most likely reason for derailing at this point is due to the actions of a user skiing or boarding wide to propel through the air around the corner. This practice is not allowed in riding Falls Creek's Pomas with signage advising as such along the length of the Poma.

The unfortunate result of this derailing is damage has occured to a significant length of the Poma's cable which will require replacement. Falls Creek Ski Lifts have been working feverishly to source a replacement section of cable as the damage sustained has occurred to a much greater length of cable than that kept in reserve for general maintenance. This essential piece of equipment is unable to be sourced domestically and has subseqentlybeen ordered from Europe for urgent air freight to Falls Creek.

Current estimates are for arrival of this cable and repairs be made at some point on the weekend of August 15-16. For obvious safety reasons visitors are requested to ensure they keep clear of the Poma area, and particularly the cable which has been detensioned and lowered to a height where it may present a collision risk to skiers and snowboarders.