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International Open

July 28,2015 In Snow

It is a day that often sees the popping of many corks that night in the village (or at least the shout of a few rounds to their mates at the pub). International officially turned its wheels today for the first time this season meaning Falls Creek now has 100% lifts open!

But let’s back up a minute

Today’s celebrations began across the weekend when 15cm fell to Saturday morning and then another 20cm to Sunday. Bring in a further 13cm by Monday and we were all skiing and boarding on close to half a metre of the powdery goodness in the newly opened areas of Lakeside and the Maze. The final piece of the puzzle came today when the “iconic” (yes, we just used the word) poma, famous for its steep pickup and tendency to slingshot the smaller of stature around its tight corner, officially started taking visitors the trip up to the Summit.

Things are now looking simply superb at Falls Creek. We’ve had a few moments of “day of the season” so far but we are tipping they are nothing compared to what is in store for the rest of this week. As a bluebird sky shines down on the North East today, we are set for 2 more days of sunny skies and cold snowmaking temps before the snow sets back in Thursday night for a 2 day top up for the weekend. Believe it or not there is another monster snow event rearing its head for next week so we could be in for even more of the fresh stuff.

Don’t think, just pack – this week is yours to enjoy J