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From the CEO - September 9

September 09,2015 In Snow

Tin Foil and a Coat Hanger…

It’s close to footy finals time, though admittedly, my beloved Geelong Cats aren’t in the finals, and my favourite player “Stevie J” is leaving the Cattery…so now instead I will have to watch the Rugby World Cup, or World Series Baseball, or even the NFL (tho I’m switching allegiance from Tennessee Titans to the 49ers)! 

Now, regards the TV, if only I could guarantee I’d be able to watch it! To ensure I get decent coverage of the footy, I have to have one of my boys up on the roof, hanging on for dear life to the antenna whilst waving a coat hanger and wearing a tin foil hat, just so the reception doesn’t drop out.  I thought digital TV was supposed to fix this nonsense…Of course it could be a crafty plan to force us all to subscribe to cable! (I’ve been trying this for four months…still not connected…HELLO Foxtel!!)

I have received a number of requests from all across the village to do something about the TV reception issues. From the records I can see many of my predecessors have tried, with collaborative investments made into repeaters and the like, but still with limited success.

I note mapping of the village regarding zones for reception was undertaken and problem zones identified and residents advised to call an antenna repair man.  However, it now appears that due to the “restack” of frequencies the majority of Falls Creek village suffers regular interference and annoying staccato infused, test patterned pixelated drop outs. I remember as a kid, Dad making me get up (pre the days of remote controls  – unless you count throwing a slipper at the dials!),  go over to the old Rank Arena wooden encased box and twist and turn the set top antenna to the tune of “yep, that’s it, stop, don’t move, ah, nope gone again…yep, that’s it…”

So adding to the growing list of 21 century communication challenges faced on the mountain, we’ve looked to the ACMA to help fine tune (pun intended) this dilemma before the Eagles and Dockers  line up for the National Anthem on October 3rd, at the MCG. Note: if it’s an Eagles vs Dockers grand final, resort entry will be free on grand final day!

Investigating possible contributing causes to our terrible TV reception, electromagnetic interference or EMI from all manner of household consumer devices, even down to snowmobiles are all plausible reasons for degraded reception. Who’d have thunk it.

So as they’d say in the classics, “Please stand by, we’re experiencing technical difficulties”.

Now, there have been no such “technical” difficulties justifying any reason to come to Falls Creek for some spring skiing – in fact you’re mad if you don’t.  This last week, we’ve been blessed with a tidy little 20cm top up, which sees the International Poma giving an encore performance and the outlook for a little more snow into next week also looks promising. At the time of writing, there are reports of several local skiers missing “out of bounds” near one of the many huts…obviously, the spring snow is so good, even some locals have lost their bearings…

This weekend, September 12/13 it’s Onesie Weekend too, plus The Dreamer – slopestyle competition is being held at the Panorama Terrain Park on Drover’s Dream as well…so get amongst it.

If you still can’t justify a reason for some spring skiing, how about a great footy fan deal…if  your team isn’t in the finals (like mine!), or gets knock out, pre grand final, you will get a 50% discount on resort entry for any day you decide, right through the finals series…just present your AFL or  AFL Club membership card at the Howmans Gap gate, ATS terminal or FCRMB offices to take advantage of the offer.

Now, turn the TV off and hit the slopes…

NOTE: Footy Fan deal valid or AFL, AFL Club membership card holders ONLY. Excludes use with any other offer.