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From the CEO - September 22

September 22,2015 In Snow

“Having a Ball…”

Pretty Valley Lodge was transformed into glamour central on Sunday September 20th, with the return of a gala evening and the Falls Creek fraternity out in their finest attire. Ski boots and Sorel’s were replaced with high heels and dress shoes, Gore-Tex made way for ball gowns and dinner suits (and a kilt!)…whilst there was no evidence of helmet hair to be found, the odd goggle tan confirmed we were all in Falls Creek.

Barry Jones hosted a spectacular night, with his long time mate, musical legend and special guest Johnny Devlin, supported by Debbie Neilson and Luke Reeves. A big thanks to you Barry, and to all your staff.

Another not so familiar sight in the village this week (due to him usually trekking on the high plains) and one who’s gaining quite a following in his Falls Creek resort jacket, Jayco beanie, Fitness First logo t-shirts and short shorts, was Bobby Bajram.

Bobby is a truly inspiring story. He was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 13 and ever since has bravely fought the ravages of the disease, spending long periods where he lost his sight, was wheel chair bound or gaining treatment in hospital. However, his indomitable spirit is infectious. He is determined to reach “the top of the world” and is setting off to climb Mera Peak (6500m) in Nepal, having already conquered Kala Patthar (5500m) post having his first attempt at Everest thwarted by a huge avalanche in April of 2014, which killed 16 sherpas.

Bobby spent the last week at Falls Creek, dialling in his climbing boots and getting a little more altitude training in before setting off on September 30th.  The Falls Creek community is right behind Bobby in many ways. Thanks to all those businesses who’ve helped support him this last trip, especially: Falls Creek Hotel, Milch, Falls Creek Ski Lifts and Falls Creek Ski Patrol to name a few.

Despite the ever present threats of mountaineering at this level, let alone the physical challenges that Bobby is pushing his body to endure, Bobby will spend twenty one days climbing to reach the top of Mera Peak, then another nine descending it. Mera Peak will have then qualified Bobby for his Everest assault in 2016.

Best of luck Bobby! As Sir Edmund Hillary proclaimed “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves”. In Bobby’s case, he has conquered so much already, Mera Peak is just another step towards him reaching the top of the world.

You can follow Bobby on Facebook - this is his page. He is also setting up a Foundation – “The World Disability Foundation” to raise funds for people with disabilities to reach their ultimate goals.

Whilst speaking of community, this weekend, September 26th, the Falls Creek Hotel is hosting the annual SES BBQ Lunch, to raise much needs funds for the SES team, enabling the crew to continue doing such an amazing job. Get along and support a tremendous cause.

Now get out there and hit the slopes… or try doing it on a mountain bike on Oct 4th…see details: