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From the CEO - September 1

September 01,2015 In Snow

Easy Season and Sunblock

For some obscure reason, I just can’t get Lionel Richie’s classic tune... “Easy Like a Sunday Morning” out of my head (sorry…now it’s in yours!), ever since we began discussing concepts and deals surrounding the Spring “Easy Season” offers.  The only thing worse, would be…well…actually I don’t think there is anything worse than Lionel Richie in your head (or in the fridge – if you know the ad I mean!)

This spring, no matter what you think of Lionel Richie, you have got to love the plethora of offers and options to ski or snowboard at Falls Creek, or simply just come up the mountain for a “Spring Break” all through September.

Falls Creek Ski Lifts have some absolute cracker deals, like:  the Spring Pass, BFF and Father’s Day offers. Resort Management have dropped entry prices too, whilst many of the accommodation providers have spring skiing deals to match. Go here to secure yours:

I have always loved spring skiing. For families, what better time of year to learn to ski, or squeeze in that last cheeky trip for the season (hint: come up for Onesie weekend). The sun is shining (generally), the kids have a hoot of a time – few if any complaints about being cold and the abundance of offers make it a compelling value proposition, whilst the runs are generally beginner friendly with fewer people than peak times. Then there’s the backcountry spring corn…Whatever you do decide to do, just don’t forget the sunblock and install the Sun Smart app!

There is fraternity that exists in “ski towns” and across snow sports in general, and it is one of the many great reasons why I enjoy being involved in the industry.

There is a certain connection which is hard to define, and perhaps we shouldn’t attempt to either, but rather just embrace it for what it is, and, for whatever it is, since it somehow draws the industry and participants together with a connectedness few other pursuits do.

Most differences of opinion are shelved (temporarily), whilst the rally to a cause is always supported, the community spirit percolates to the top and participation is embraced and the collective resources that can get behind an initiative are tremendous.

To this end, I’d like to publicly acknowledge the Wagga Alpine Ski Club for generously donating an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Falls Creek Ski Patrol have installed and mounted the device at WASC for public use in any emergency circumstance.  To further emphasize my point, there are countless similar examples of such community spirit through out the village every year, from SES bbq’s, Ski Patrol raffles and CFA fund raisers… to name a few. To all who contribute, a big thank you.

In addition to this, there are the events like the “Light the Night” campaign, which from 6pm on Saturday, September 5th, will rally with the Leukemia Foundation to raise funds to fight for a future free of leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma.