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From the CEO - June 29

June 29,2016 In Snow
Have your say on the future of Falls Express Chair

Forget BREXIT, what about FEXIT!

School holidays are a blast. The sight of the Falls Creek Race Club kids, adorned in their blue jackets, carving the slopes up with first tracks is an awesome spectacle. We have some extremely talented young athletes, aided by a great team of coaches and under the watchful eye of coach extraordinaire, Graeme Cox.

But it is just as terrific to see all the first timers and ski schoolers grinning from ear to ear. The piercing shrills and the hollering of excitement from strapping one or two pieces of wood to our feet and then catapulting down a slippery slope…it defies logic, but it’s so addictive.

I liken the feeling of smashing through powder snow, to what it must feel like flying through clouds in the sky, or at least that is my analogy for the unbelievable sensation of floating in the “white room”.

With the school holidays upon us, the event schedule really starts to crank up. There are street parties in Village Central to fireworks in the Bowl, film festivals to the Birkebeiner Classic, and downhill racing events like the Snowracer series, Cranky Charlie Cup and the Rossignol Cup! Exhausted?... that’s just what is on from the 2nd until the 8th of July! Go to for more information.

Now, more importantly, don’t forget to vote.

No, not the Federal election, because if you are reading this, it’s most likely too late (or you need to do a last minute dash to Mt. Beauty)…

I mean, don’t forget to vote in the FEXIT poll.

With all the hysteria, hyperbole and armchair pontification over what BREXIT means for the UK and Europe, the far more important and much more relevant decision requiring your utmost attention this weekend is whether, to vote “Change” or “Remain” in relation to whether Falls Creek Ski Lifts keep the name Falls Express or on her 30th birthday re-name her Halley’s Comet.

It is thirty years since the opening of the express quad in what is now Slalom Plaza. The naming of the chair was done to commemorate “1P/Halley” being clearly visible to the naked eye (and not as many had presumed, the speed at which the chair was reported to run!).

In any event, Halley’s Comet is not expected to return through the solar system and appear again until mid 2061…by which time you’ll be being “beamed up” to Cloud 9, the chair, and I, will be a relic and this crucially important decision will be folklore.

Now, I call on you, my fellow Falls Creekers, to put on a badge, declare your allegiance, cast your token and ask not what the chair lift can do for you, but what you can do for the chair lift (apologies to JFK).

You can participate in this quintessentially important debate, with a polling booth at the junction of Drovers and Wombats Ramble. Use the old lift tokens to cast your vote…engage in the banter, reminisce about what skiing was like in 1986 and what coloured fluoro ski outfit was your favourite and how long your skinny skis were…

If the decision is too hard, or you weren’t even born then, just get out there and hit the slopes regardless.