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From the CEO - July 7

July 07,2015 In Snow

Falls Creek – Crisp Clear Mornings…

Gliding across freshly cut corduroy, the vapour from exhaling crisp mountain air and a panoramic vista to beat few others is reward enough for getting up early to get my boys to Race Club. Nothing beats being at the top of the mountain as the sun kisses the slopes and the shadows draw across the white canvass whilst the hazy silhouette of the chairlifts hang in suspension. Just gorgeous!

For those eager enough, that joy of first tracks was extended to all this week, with Falls Creek Ski Lifts “Dawn Patrol” sessions. If you haven’t done it…do yourself a favour, set the alarm early and get out there – take a camera or smart phone, it will be worth it. Don’t forget to post your pick in our Instagram competition… #itsmymountain.

As is becoming my weekend ritual, I’m hitting the slopes early to ride the lifts with clients (post having dropped the kids off for Race Club training – of course..) and gauging how their experiences have been. This weekend past, I rode with more people from W.A. than anywhere else! Great to see our West Coasters aren’t by-passing us on their way to NZ…stopping at Falls instead…then combining their skiing holiday with a bit of Aussie rules action via the MCG before returning to home.  C’arn the Catters!

Whilst there is some disappointment about the lack of snow in the village, with many guests recollecting how stunning the village looks under snow, few are complaining about the state of the mountain and the product offered. As one group of young riders from Sydney proclaimed “if you aren’t having fun, you’re not trying hard enough!”.

This weekend might be a little more interesting however. With the village full and no options but to channel everyone through the Plaza, the shuttles have been bursting at the seams. This year however, technology is assisting in ensuring the drivers and dispatch crew are optimising how the traffic flow is going. Every morning, at my computer, I monitor queue’s in the Village Bowl and other stops to ensure customers are neither waiting too long or that queue’s aren’t “out of control”. It has been all hands on deck, with many operators reporting they have provided shuttle services to clients who are requesting assistance. Surely, a great customer experience – well done!  I even spied Falls Creek Ski Lifts GM Francis Jackson out there at 740am loading clients into his vehicle!

Nonetheless, based on the footage and data we are collecting, analysing and reviewing, it is rare for any customer to have spent greater than 10 minutes in peak periods in a queue waiting for the 4-Site transport team.  Exceptions are rare, and they do occur, but all the hard work put in to planning around improving the service offering is being proved worthwhile.

Now, Carry On and Hit the Slopes…

Stuart Smythe - CEO, Falls Creek Resort Management

Pic: Chris Hocking