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From the CEO - July 29

July 29,2015 In Snow

Falls Creek – Doesn’t Get Any Better     

Monday for most people, the thought of getting out of bed, preparing for another week at the office, is generally a dread…it’s no coincidence that statistically more heart attacks occur on Monday mornings (fact – Google says so!).

For those fortunate enough to have shared their Monday with us at Falls Creek this week…the only shock you’d have got, was to wake to another gorgeous morning of fresh, dry “talcum” powder accumulating on the door step. The added bonus now being all runs are opened across the mountain and we had bluebirds all through mid-week. Reading the commentary on The International Poma Facebook page was also a good laugh…after it was announced it would open on Tuesday. Who would have thought a poma could be such an institution!

Preparations for the 5th Annual Falls Creek Sled Dog Classic are well underway. Our first teams arrived Wednesday, with heats Friday 31st of July and the Grand Finale in Slalom Plaza from 6.00pm Saturday August 1st. This will be my first Sled Dog event and I can’t wait to see the spectacle. Everyone I have spoken to loves the event and the magnificent track it takes through the village. Just another one of the truly unique experiences offered at Falls Creek. Don’t forget Wombats Ramble will be open for night skiing too.

To encourage participation in the evening, Resort entry, after 4pm will be free, plus the Fallsbus will be running dedicated buses to and from Wangaratta and Beechworth for the night.

I’ll also take the opportunity to welcome all those participants coming up for the Australian Secondary Schools Snowsports Team Championships – Wednesday 5th to Friday 7th. The bevvy of events and disciplines has something for everyone. It is tremendous to note that ASSSTC has been run every year since 1967. I love a good tradition…

Everyone had also better be on their best behaviour with the Australian Police Winter Games hitting the mountain August 4-6th. Another great tradition, the event has been run since 1983 and is the longest running Police Winter Sports Competition in the world today.

Speaking of traditions, if there is something I have learnt in my short time in this role, history is very important to Falls Creek – and so it should be! The foundations of any community are built upon from the legacy of its pioneers. One aspect of this was on display during the week at the “Winter Olympians Dinner” hosted at Elk on Wednesday July 29th.  A showcase of the tremendous athletes the village has produced and the individuals behind the scenes that support their development. If there’s something in the water up here at Falls Creek, then perhaps we should bottle it? Nah, we’ll keep our competitive advantage.

Speaking of competition…Friday night in Slalom Plaza - The Board Lounge Throwdown and rail jam will be under lights…come along for an awesome session. Don’t forget the #itsmymountain Instagram competition…get your entries in and be in the running for a cracking new board and bindings.

Finally, a huge thank you to Ski Patrol who let me join them this week for an “open” and “sweep”. Understanding how much work goes in to making the mountain safe was an eye opener. I look forward to hopefully being able to do it again soon.

Now, Carry On and Hit the Slopes…

pic: Chris Hocking