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From the CEO - July 14

July 14,2015 In Snow

Falls Creek – It’s Puking…in a good way!

As a student of economics, I have often been derided for studying the “dismal science”.  That phrase was coined by 19th century historian, Thomas Carlyle, after economist T R Malthus’s gloomy prediction that food production would always lag the growth in population, hence condemning mankind to a perpetual state of hardship and poverty. Hmmm, so where am I going with this?

With complete and utter reverence to the snow Gods (and Keith Martyn), I would like to contend that meteorology may have usurped economics in respect to being a dismal science.

Perhaps it is not the weather forecasters fault, but rather how weather gets portrayed and blamed for many ills. It’s a “damned if it does, damned if it doesn’t” phenomenon! One minute, it’s doom and gloom about a dismally poor snow season, which then gets quickly flipped from the front page when an “Antarctic vortex” hits and some cute kid is caught throwing a snowball at the dog and broadcast on the metro 6o’clock news.

At Falls Creek, we are fortunate (in a non-gloating kind of way) in being able to state without equivocation that our resort gets the most snowfall/precipitation in the state (fact)! These conditions are then further aided by tremendous snow making capabilities, such that you would have to be pretty unlucky not to have a great snow experience when visiting our mountain - irrespective of the weather forecast, be it doom, gloom, dismal or spectacular. So, just like this week, when the forecasters (and snow Gods) get it right and it does puke…there is even more fun to be had!

I have to admit, I am a weather tragic. I don’t interpret the squiggles, “shark fins” or attempt to predict any outcomes, though I’ve seen enough patterns to know when to get out the wax and the Swix edging tools too. This was the case last weekend, where on Sunday I admit to being on first lifts when Scottys and Ruined Castle were opened up…and I wasn’t alone. One family, who drove all the way from Esperance (W.A.), yes…drove…with four kids, were having an absolute ball in Sun Valley! Who’s dismal now!

The act of being dismal (and not just a weather event)  is effectively a state of mind. There is a saying, attributed to an old Norwegian proverb: “Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær!“, for those not fluent in Norwegian, it says, “there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes (or the wrong gear)”.

At Falls Creek, we can fix both being dismal and having bad clothes, with a bit of retail therapy.  Don’t let the weather forecast get you down, you deserve that new outfit with matching apres boots and neck warmer, or those fatter ski’s for pow days or the latest new board bindings…or perhaps you just want to try before you buy and want to hire your kit…Falls Creek has no shortage of ways to aid your retail therapeutic needs, visit for listings.

Speaking of therapeutic, the next time I want to read the words El Nino, or La Nina it had better be on one of the margarita cocktail lists at one of the village bars… Cheers!

Now, Carry On and Hit the Slopes…

Pic: Chris Hocking