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From the CEO - August 26

August 26,2015 In Snow

David vs Goliath

When it comes to punching above its weight, Falls Creek has a tremendous tradition of delivering just that.

This was no more on show than at this weeks Inter Schools at Mt Buller. The "Jolly Roger" was proudly on display, re splendid in defiance of more traditional banners and teams with pockets deeper and rosters well in excess of ours. Yet, the team of just 20 odd brave and courageous students, across multiple disciplines (XC was held a few weeks back) kept the flag flying  high and Falls Creek Primary School well represented in the results and on the podium.

The Falls Creek Primary School is deserving of "institutional status", given the shear number of talented athletes produced  throughout its snow sport programs and association with the Falls Creek Race Club. Like all great teams, no matter what the sport or discipline, the bulk of the effort never gets seen, nor does it ask for recognition. The machinations behind the organisation, the contribution from teachers, parents, volunteers and coaches seamlessly work to give the "kids" a great experience in the competitive arena and also a great educational experience too.

Teams that dwarf the overall size of participants relative to the FCPS, who have resources we could only dream of, are humbled by the shear determination and talent of the athletes that Falls Creek presents. It is quite simply a classic "David and Goliath" battle.

To this end, it does beg the question, what is the potential of an "institution" that can harness the same, but at economics that make sense to the education department, is right for the village for all four terms, meets the majority of the community needs and supports the permanent population and surrounding area?

Much is often said, debated and discussed around FCPS and its limited capacity at peak times, especially the third term. If there were an "education" God, then Falls Creek might have been able to have solved for this already.

The Falls Creek Master Plan - 2014 attempts to tackle the current dilemma, however is unable to solve for the more immediate needs that the challenge will present for the next few seasons.

There is much to learn from looking at history. Falls Creek pioneers all came together for the first community school ( an old SEC shed) which was acquired, dismantled, transported and rebuilt by the stoically determined parents with funds raised through what would know be called "crowd funding"... Aka...a very big sausage sizzle (or two). Importantly, the solution was solved for as a community, collectively, rather than fractiously, and the best outcome was achieved for the student and community needs.

FCPS Principal, Helen Whittaker met Education Minister, James Merlino, in Wangaratta two weeks ago on this very matter. Furthermore, the FCRMB Chair and myself are presenting the key elements of the Master Plan 2014, to the Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water, Lisa Neville, in September, where "community" related facilities will be a major element of the much is being done in the background on this and on many other matters.

The open door policy at resort management is a real one. If you would like to discuss issues like this, then please drop by the office, make an appointment to meet and discuss the same.

Now carry on and hit the slopes...

Pic: Chris Hocking