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Disabled Wintersports Camp

July 21,2015 In Snow

Perfection with the Disability Sport and Recreation Kids Camp!

By Tom Ridley
Pictured: Sophie Brunton ripping down Drovers Dream with DWA Trainer Mark Soyer in the background

The word perfect gets thrown around pretty loosely these days, though it’s exactly the word I would use, to describe the weekend we just had a Falls Creek! Amazing sunny days, with a good cover of snow, and a large group of enthusiastic Participants and Guides, what more could we ask for?

Disability Sport and Recreation (DSR) Joined DWA at Falls Creek on the 17th of July. They brought with them a group of seven (10-17 year old) kids, from various suburbs around Melbourne that are living with Cerebral Palsy. With seven kids ripping around the mountain in Sit Skis, and two Adaptive Snowsports Guides with almost all of them, it was an action packed weekend! From snowball fights to endless Village laps, and runs of Wombats Ramble, the DWA guides had their work cut out for them to keep up with these kids. Usually on a weekend camp, most guides will sit around after dinner, and socialise for few hours in the Howmans Gap lounge room. Last weekend, most of the guides were in bed by not much later than 9 o’clock, the young skiers had completely worn them out, but it was definitely all worth it after one of the best days we’ve had on snow.

I was lucky enough to join Sophie Brunton on Drovers dream Saturday afternoon, this was her second time skiing and had been really excelling Saturday morning. Our Adaptive snowsports trainer, Mark Soyer, had been skiing with Sophie in the afternoon, they were working together to help her improve her technique in the sit ski. Sophie was progressing really well, Mark suggested that Sophie try ski the second half of Drovers Dream, completely independently. Which, with not a second of hesitation Sophie was ready to ski unassisted for the first time. We all watched on as she set off down the hill, with two of the DSR staff filming, and a few guides skiing close to her, it was like film session for a Warren Miller movie. Sophie skied off linking some beautiful turns together, and then washed off her speed with a big left hand turn. Tim one of the DSR staff mentioned, he’d been coming to these camps for over 10 years, and this was the first time a participant had skied independently. With the big group of guides and staff all cheering for Sophie it was a great way to end the day!   

This weekend coming up, DWA has seven members on snow at Falls Creek. As well as four students from Mansfield Autistic State-wide Services, heading up to Windy Corner to have a ski on the Cross Country trails.